July 1, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Remember This Warning To Lebron 11 Months Ago?

    1. I think they will silence him some how some way. If this book comes out to the public and Wendy Williams find out this book, and everybody knows she don’t like Beyonce. All hell is going to rain down. Wendy going to make sure people go and buy that book. And she will invite him to her show.

      1. Wendy flip flops though. Some days she makes fun of Giselle and then the next she is up her ass. I guess she is afraid of the beyhives. lol

  1. Sheeettttt well Giselle did say in the song upgrade you “Take me just to compliment the deal”…..best way to hide truth is in plain sight….

  2. one of two things: Either the book comes out and no one believes him cuz he’s “money hungry”/ crazy OR… Cathy White.

  3. Well I hope the book comes out and expose everyone involved. I do believe they will try to stop him but I don’t think they will kill him. It will be too obvious if they did. So I hope he goes into hiding after doing so lol

  4. First of all why Lebron mama letting her son all in the bness. That’s what’s wrong people never mind their damn bness and the worst is starting some shit with people who knows too much.

  5. Doubt it’s Beyonce thing he’s trying to expose. He probably walked in on Lebron doing some gay shit honestly 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. I was listening to The Rickey Smiley morning show and this story was tea for the day. They were saying that he is writing a book and in the book he was going to expose Lebron & Bey having an affair. Well just like you said in previous blog post everyone would think he was lying. Well all the host in the show were saying they dont believe it, making it seem like Lebron is a saint that wouldn’t treat his wife that way. All while they were saying this I justed remembered what you wrote.

  7. Idk if anyone saw, but a friend of mine posted a tour T-shirt from the OTR tour and the back had like stages of a relationship (safe to assume jay & gis) and one of the stages were “The Revenge”….I wonder if these rumors are apart of them alluding to either of them cheating or getting each other back

  8. G you definitely spoke on this shit💯 All Credit goes to you on this…Yeah I believe “Lambo” Life or Livelihood might be on the line exposing #LeBronJames #Beyonce like this…This Bitter Brotha who seen too much just might’ve opened up a door that he might should’ve kept closed

  9. Chileeeee dis tew much. That definitely happens a lot they say ppl are crazy and they don’t know what they are tlkin about. Because the other person is popular and has money. He said he’s been around and seen things. He also said he treats Savannah like shit. It’ll be so sad if this gets out though because I love black families. But I don’t condone him doing her wrong.

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