July 6, 2022

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46 thoughts on “There Is A Thief Among Us…

  1. I just don’t understand why people want to ruin a good thing. They better not get mad if you shut this ish down. And start doing that regular ig ish. I swear this is so irritating!!!

  2. This isn’t the first time it’s happened either…..She might have to have us sign NDA so people don’t fuck up a good thing.

    1. I usually dont comment, but I have to agree with you on this. G, you should consider this idea.

  3. Why people??? !!!!! Come on now….i like my tea …its always somebody who don’t follow the rules uughhh

  4. Listen heaux… Go away. This is where I get all my sugar from. Leave G the hell alone before you mess this up for everyone. Childish bishes

    1. I second this. Just send a PM and they will let you know. I’ll bet you can match up email addresses from both sites

  5. Ridiculous I’m seriously disappointed that we have snakes among us! Like seriously just enjoy the blog! Don’t ruin a good thing!

  6. I’ve never even heard of that website and it’s wrong on so many levels! Whoever it is, don’t ruin this 4 the rest of us!!!

  7. Smfh! Fucking ridiculous… Isn’t LSA a gossip site?? Shouldn’t THEY provide their own tea?? FY handing over someone else’s hard work for?? Messy birds…

  8. Wow… I’m just floored that ppl can’t be honest even on their own dime…I hope you find them ASAP..

  9. One of your competitors are probably following you. Or one of your sugar babies is probably selling your stories. Is probably the one that didn’t wanna guess and was like I don’t like playing games just post the answers. Karma karma karma

  10. I hope you find them, because G works to hard to give us our sugar. It is so disrepectful of them to take G’s work. Shame on them.

  11. That’s BULLSHIT! We all appreciate what you do G, obviously you got that tea that everybody wants!

  12. Here I am got carpal tunnel in both hands, but to give away tea and I mean good scalding hot tea to another blog is just wrong! Plagarism!

  13. This makes me so damn mad…I live for this tea and for someone to come on here and mess that up for what??!!

  14. You should require everyone to identify their Instagram profile to match up with the blog profile that way if something like this happens you can delete the person.

  15. Smh damn haters go do your own research . This shit take time and patience . So unoriginal . Fucking pirates !!

  16. This isn’t the first time. I saw something a few months back on the shaderoom. I forgot what it was about.. smh people really have too much time ontheir hands

  17. Man Lipstick Alley won’t let me in the Dark Room. How can I be down?! Anyone got advice?

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