July 6, 2022

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53 thoughts on “Drake’s Reply Would Have Ended Kanye’s Marriage and Exposed All The Rappers Who Has Ghostwriters

  1. This the type shit that make rap sorry af! Like when tf did rap… hip hop ! become so fuckin SOFT! I wanna hear this shit ! Fuck You write your diary entry Drake ? And nobody can read this shit? I THOUGHT Hip Hop was for the street and from the streets and was suppose to represent a certain authenticity but I’m more and more convinced that it’s all about $$$$ and These “rappers” are all waving the rainbow flag 🏳️‍🌈 I’m done with rap throw the whole genre away

    1. exactly!!! like come on i miss disses from the 90’s to 00’s. that shit went hard. it was all fair game.

    2. OHNOEY Nas said hip hop was dead a long time ago. Drake have nothing to do with this. This been going on before Drake came in to the music industry. 2Pac Bigge, Jay.Z Nas. They knew about this shit. Should be mad at them for not talking about gay shit or exposing this in their songs. old Gs realness is fake.

      1. Right nas was ahead of his time because it actually wasn’t bad then he knew what was coming though

  2. Pac wouldn’t have gave a Fuck! He would’ve bombed on everybody! Aubrey might’ve been on some Real Reckless Makaveli shit and exposed these Homo Rappers and Artist with Ghostwriters, who knows but🤔G it just seem out of Character for a Soft ass Half Breed to be going all Makaveli on Koonye and Pusha T…I just don’t see it…If you said Kendrick Lamar than maybe but not the Fake Jew BlackFace☻Pop Star

    1. Right I was thinking the same thing! Pac wouldn’t have cared neither would Pimp C! And J Prince or Suge wouldn’t have bn able to stop either one or them for talkin. But hey they did say J.Prince gave the green light for them to kill Pimp C bc of his mouth so maybe he didn’t want to have to do that to Drake. His god son. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    2. Thetruthshakur. Why you don’t believe Drake would try to do this. Push.T just killed Drake whole image in the public eyes. All must killed Drake rapper career. Told the world about drake life, he try to hind. If someone do this to you, no matter how soft a person is. I will try to kill everybody who’s involved in my down fall. Remember all of them are devil worshipper. They will kill if they have to.

  3. So Gina…You know you gotta find out the specifics now that you’ve written this tease. 😆

  4. If J Prince said ‘Don’t release the song. This feud is over’ Why TF are people talking about on Instagram live?! I guess Drake really thinks nothing can happen to him cause he’s Jewish. The Jews might not hurt him, but the brothers will. He’ll be the new Tupac.

  5. I always believe you G but drake so corny to me i feel they put this out to save him from embarrassment lol

    1. I agree. I love Drake as an artist, but as a person he is very corny to me. He has that untouchable arrogance to him and I was low key hoping someone else put the paws on him.

  6. It’s never going to see light and isn’t wasn’t solely because of no J Prince. Elites I’m sure only made J Prince the messenger and the scape goat

  7. FAM he better burn that shit. I was just reminded of the scorpion & the frog story, last thing we need is for him to succumb to his nature. Sometimes you have to swallow the “L” and think bigger.

  8. i would have loved to hear all of this tea from this diss track. whatever happened to disses. like it all fair game!!!

  9. Even though it was never released, the fact that SOME are saying they heard it and are running their mouths giving bits and pieces about it can’t be good. If more deets leak about the record, I don’t think Drake will be in the clear.

  10. So he talked about everyone else instead of go directly at Pusha ??? Does that mean he couldnt find anything to expose Pusha about with that 100k he allegedly put out there…Tisk Tisk

  11. Chile I believe it, I know Drake was mad as shyt! I’m living for these teasers tho, I would’ve had a stroke if it hit the net.

  12. He stay throwing up 666’so I’m confused why he would put others on blast I’m sure he isn’t ritual FREE

  13. So he didn’t have to suck dick because he’s half Jewish? And he’s the only one without a ghost writer? I’m usually down with the sugar but this seems off

  14. Damn so only the Jewish get a pass? Sounds about right, thank God I found out my grandmother is half Jewish. I can live my dream now

  15. He would definitely be snitching on himself as well G.. I went to drakes private bday party both in nyc and LA (pure coincidence) and the way this old white man called “2 Dolla Holla” was grabbing on both drake and his dj was truly disturbing.. I figured he’s drakes handler for sure.. they tried to take my phone too.. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  16. So you mean to tell me that Pusha T exposed him, Kanye co-signed now Drake made at the whole rap industry 🤔🤔 I’m confused… so he doesn’t have enough material to clap back at them he has to include the WHOLE industry in his beef because he knocked up a porn star/stripper or whatever she is…. oooh ok! Drake’s a bitch. That’s a straight bitch move I’m on my period and mad so I’m gonna tell everything I know and make everyone else mad! Foh!

  17. Gina can you please explain why homosexuality is centered around everything in th music industry? I don’t understand.

  18. Why would it end Kanyes marriage though, kim got a sex tape and he dont care its not like theres much that would split them up. Even if its just to show face these high profile celebs will be together forever. David and victoria,J and B, 🤷🏻‍♀️

  19. I love how everyone doubts Drake bc he’s a “halfbreed”. The absolute disrespect to multiracial people, as usual. But it’s cool. Just remember don’t invite none of us to the cookout. Keep that same energy when you need numbers for the cause. This is why he snapped. Talking about mixed color issues? That’s what gets you exposed. Drake is still Jewish by HIS mother. Very significant. So yeah he kinda is untouchable. I believe he said all of that, bc when a Scorpion snaps whether dark skin or palest of white. They snap. I still say he answers but not devastating bc he will not rest until he does. Eating shit of this magnitude is not their MO.

      1. Scorpio’s do eventually let shit go if they’re able to see that they’re really going out their way to hurt someone. Drake will listen.

    1. Nicki put the original song out there. Because she wanted us to know that Cardi and the Migos were telling lies. They made her change her verse because Cardi didn’t like it. Drake song can get leak out, if they want us to hear it.

  20. I love Drake shit I still want that diss to drop because there are so many frauds and hip hop has been compromised and turned into something else . That being said ..on the other side of the coin that something is also very dark and scary . Paying for the truth with your life isn’t worth it in this situation because people will do as always and turn the other cheek .

  21. Like I said on IG, Drake needs to go back to Canada and lay low. This isn’t PBS Degrassi: The Next Generation here. We talking about a catastrophic war in the music industry that can start NWO. If Drake drops that song today, getting ready to start fighting. That is what it it going to come to. That lil beef is what is going to change everything on how we deal the outlook on life.

  22. This record may leak…SMH. Folks are anxious to hear what Drake gotta say. Even if this beef has calmed down, there are still alot of interested parties really want to hear his response back.

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