August 16, 2022

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21 thoughts on “All Of the Sugar We Knew Already Is Hittin the Floor: Ariana Engaged & Tell All Book On Giselle

  1. I’m going to buy this book. When or if it ever comes out. You told us all of this. I wonder why LeBron James mother left her exhusband. I would have to keep him in the family because he knows to much. I would still have him as a friend of the family or just pay him off.

  2. With this tea and the Rihanna tea that was spilled also involving Lebron AND plus all the rumors that swirl around about Rihanna and Jay in the past is this part of the reason why Beyonce and Rih apparently have/had problems? A “you keep chasing the men I have” kind of thing?

  3. So this is why Bey and Rihanna really had beef Gina? Both of them creeping with the same man? Lebron must have the magic stick 😩

    1. Yeah it starting to seem like that and rih being petty over the net because she knows Giselle gotta stay in character but the way she looks at Lebron at those games like she was reminiscing on a couple nights

  4. People deny shit you see with your own eyes . My brothers and I always joke like I want somebody to look at me the way Bey looks at Lebron lol I mean she’s been caught on camera at the game basically salivating over this man 🤮🤦🏾‍♀️lol

  5. So it wasn’t Cousin Angie that was messing with Lebron after all??? Or maybe she was too…..

  6. Can somebody answer my question. If all of this is true, why is savanna following Giselle and Rih on Instagram? I wouldn’t want to follow my husband’s side chicks when they both have public pages and I can lurk whenever I wanted 😄 Just asking out of curiosity. Also wouldn’t the lending Giselle be top secret information? How would his Mother’s ex husband know all of this secret stuff if he’s not a celeb.

  7. As soon as Ariana broke up with MAc and you spoke on it, I was waiting for this to happen and it DID!! Just like you said G. Just like you said it would!

  8. i wish someone would make a tell all book on the Carters!! So these stans can stop praising her like she is a litteral God. From the destinys child days to now.
    Ive been giving bey the side eye since she kicked the other girls out the group then make a song about it (survivor)
    its just so weird how she’s the only celebrity in history that seemingly has no controversy (other then the elevator incident) & what does come out gets pushed around as rumors.

  9. That guy Pete is Bipolar and has Borderline Personality Disorder. This jumping into marriage fast just seems impulsive. I hope they aren’t making a big mistake.

  10. Is there any chance the elites are moving fast with Ariana because Jay and Giselle are becoming too messy and due for sacrifice? Worth more as a memory? Just a thought…

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