August 16, 2022

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18 thoughts on “The Truth Show Confirms Everything I Have Said For Years About the Industry and Jay and Giselle

  1. While watching the video, the audio & video kept cutting out for some odd reason. Maybe I’m overthinking it & it’s my WiFi connection? 🤔

    Also, may be a little off topic – something that really disturbs me at awards events, most people thank God when accepting their awards. Knowing DAMN WELL that God, Jesus & NOTHING holy had anything to do with their success. Knowing what I know now, it’s even more disturbing to know they’re saying it in mockery, pushing the opposite agenda.

  2. When I saw the crosses I was like no tf they didn’t but we know the truth so it’s like they just putting theirselves out there now all of them and I see cardinal did that ritual with Rita ora kissing her

  3. She broke it down good
    I had a dream once that jay z was trying to holla at me with bey right there and she act like she didn’t care as we were walking inside somewhere(you know how dreams are) his face turned to the devil I woke up fast and called my friend and told her I gotta chill on doing research on this stuff it’s creepy because it was a continuing dream. So when I saw his eyes burning on the tour in those videos I said this is what I saw too

  4. The words “Kill Jesus 4:44” flashed on the screen; was that really at the concert or did The Truth Show create that as a meme?

  5. I miss TruthShow when she was ghetto with it on her original channel lol. I see she’s more into Egyptiantology than Christianity. I think Jay Z has a better chance getting saved than Giselle does. You can see some type of sincerity in his eyes. All he is is a hurt boy from the mercy projects who was told he was ugly all his life. Who looked up to drug dealers as God but hates the real Good because he never gave him nothing.

    If he got a warning from God to stop and he could still keep his money I think he’ll give it a try. Kinda like Jezebel husband who did that fast to get judgement off of him. Giselle on the other hand is too prideful and is ashamed of God. She thinks it’ll hurt her image a forever backslider. But like I said she and her family always were devil’s in the church. Look at her child pics in the eyes.

  6. So I’m guessing Truth Show is also in the PR world? She said the same story about Amerie career lol

    1. yes she was for a long time she cross references with mre sometimes but i dont fuck with her too much because she use to be on that sneak shit years ago

      1. G I noticed when cardi say I want to thank god she stumbles across that and say I want to thank the lord Jesus Christ and then say god again? But she like million dollar deals so she say she gone sign she just need to go

      2. Wowwwwww and Truth Show use to be all about Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. They be the phony ones. She does come off arrogant sometimes with her spiritual teachings. Too smart for her own good.

  7. So Beyoncé wants to leave but can’t? I don’t understand that, it seems that she wants to stay to me.

    1. Deep down she know she wrong but she love the power the life and money and her status I swear before the BEYONCE album her hype was going down but she gained it back with that in my opinion.

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