August 18, 2022

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37 thoughts on “The Answers To Match The Sugar

  1. Thank you. I did fairly well. I will continue to say, that if it doesn’t come from you, I don’t believe it.

  2. Wait 😱 the Rihanna one?! I remember back when they apparently went on a date and it never happened it again but this sugar make it sound like this happened recently 👀 if so where do Mila be? Participating? Lol

    1. I believe they’re talking about around when “Battleship” came out when the paps caught Rihanna sneaking out of Ashton’s house. They asked her about that in a press conference for the movie and she got smart with one of the interviewers lmao

    1. 2 to 3 women have been murdered because their boyfriends /husbands accused them of sleeping with trey songz

  3. Gina, does Debbie Allen’s husband serve the same role as Stedman? I’m just trying to understand how a man, husband at that, competes with other women like that. Also, is Phylicia Rashaad the same?

    1. I am hoping Phylicia was not into that. I met her at work a few times and she is such a lovely woman like I always imagined. I refuse to paint her in that way. Debbie always seemed wild t o me. lol

  4. Damn I’m late. I was gonna okay the game but this is cool still lol. I would’ve gotten some of these right for sure.

  5. So wait a min… Justin is such a two faced. He got mad that Britney slept with a black guy yet here he was making out with a blk woman. I am sure he slept with his fair share of blk girls on the low

    1. For white racist men sleeping with a black woman isn’t the same as a white woman sleeping with a black. I know that shit don’t make sense to me either but whatever they’re retarded

  6. @icydknow Gina, go on lipstickalley. Someone just posted your tea (this post) on that site. It’s under the Celebrity News section of that site. Time to start blocking people.

      1. I just looked in lsa, they posted incogneto. One font took a recent screenshot from the IG page and posted it in the Any truth to the rumors… part 21 thread, same person maybe?

  7. That’s funny…. now that the answers are up there, in my mind I’m like I knew that!!!! Hahahahah.

    Better luck next time buttercup…Thanks that was fun!!!!

  8. I remember every post you put up of these people lol Rita ora takes the cake literally had her arms around jay like bey who💁🏾‍♀️ And didn’t was right there he always some where

  9. You gave us a lot of this some time back. I knew the Giselle one off top. I would have lost the rest though 😂😂😂😂

  10. I kid you not I was looking at Mya post today and I was like “hmm her and Drake would be so cute/they should collab ” then you post this!!!! Yasssss I hope it happens

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