September 29, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Was Kate Spade A Red Scarf Sacrifice?

  1. I knew this was a sacrifice. And you right why would they mentioned the red scarf. They just throwing it in our faces now, because they want us to know. But she knew this could happen to her becuase, shes involved in this kind of things. Sad ☹

    1. That was the first thing I thought when he died and in the same week?! They’re really trying to cover up that disgusting pizzagate

  2. I can’t lie the “red scarf”
    My cousins seen on the news and even kids know . The first thing they asked is why would someone hang themselves and why did they say her scarf was red? Before that I didn’t even notice . What freaked me out was the mask . Why that particular character .. “the rescuers” from the Disney cartoon . Speaks volumes

  3. I figured it was a sacrifice except I thought it was possibly for her husband. Yes people do suffer from depression and commit suicide, however, it was weird that she was able to “commit suicide” hanging from a door. I thought that sounded crazy when I first heard it and then had time to leave a note.

  4. What’s so funny is I recall hearing them mention the red scarf and found it weird, but I didn’t think much of it until now. The mention of the color of the scarf is so irrelevant, it’s not like it was a gun, red scarfs aren’t know for killing people. They are making a mockery of the dumb shit we will believe because the news reports it. Also, TMZ mentioned that barricades where already outside and Harvey thought that was weird.

  5. Wanna know something crazy?? When I heard she killed her self, I instantly pictured a red cashmere looking scarf. I’m a cancer and my intuition be crazy sometimes lol

  6. So, somebody strangled her and then left that note to throw everyone off and make the husband would look bad????

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