July 1, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Alexxis Texxas Reveals Why She Doesn’t Have Sex With The Black Talent

  1. I believe her. I think she was trying to not blast the crossover down low guys without looking like now she is a homophobe and bigot racist pmg that girl just should not have said anything.

  2. B.S.! Her explanation is the equivalent to saying most blacks are lazy therefore, she wont hire them. “I am sure there are White males that do it also, but I only really follow Black men in the adult industry and I have heard rumors about them doing it.” So basically, she’ll take her chance with a whiteman but wont take any with a black guy. FOH!

      1. Or I was thinking maybe she fell for one and learned that he do both gay and straight porn for money and realized they are all the same and do what it takes. Cuz if she licking black cootie than you do interracial porn.

  3. I believe her first reason, that white men look down at white women after being with black men and I also believe that the black men are being off offered more money for gay porn to ruin their careers but if a man is weak enough to sleep with another man just behind money was does that say about him

  4. G didn’t u say “the first story is usually the most accurate” that bitch lying point blank just say u don’t like black men and keep it pushin

  5. Black men should know their worth. If I cant have sex with women and make lot of money doing it. Why stay in the porn industry if they only offering them gay roles for more money. And if they are not in to man like that. Why take the deal. No one is making them do this, they can walk away if they want to. They chose to stay in this fuck industry.

  6. Who cares what her reasoning is. It’s her body and if she doesn’t want to have sex with black males or anybody for that matter, that is her prerogative. Who are people to tell her what she can or cannot do with her body.

    She doesn’t owe anybody anything. And this is coming from a black female by the way. Everybody and everything is “racist” nowadays.

  7. In our regular life, do you have sex with everything coming your way or are you selective? So why ate porn stars any different? They may be looked at as “whores” but they can also be SELECTIVE whores and that doesn’t make them racist. Half the people mad in these comments have never been with a white man themselves.

  8. I’m not feeling her answer. Like saying black girls steal so I don’t hire them in my shop. But I know white girls do it too but I’ve never seen it personally so until I do I still hire white girls. Does that make sense? Her answer is giving me the same vibes.

  9. Her reasoning make try to take away the racist vibes but now it gives me homophobic vibes honestly. Not all black talents who will do gay scenes are gonna automatically contract something that seems like a stereotypical assumption. Like saying all young black men are thugs. And white men do it too but she would rather take a chance with her own then a black guy. Either way the assumption can put her in a bad light, she does have a nice ass and great riding skills though haha but so do a lot of other white stars who actually do IR. the world will be fine without this one star taking a black peen.

    PS I do think they pay black males higher to get them to do interracial so it could be a set up to ruin them more then a white male.

  10. I don’t know i can see both of her perspectives as being the real reasons. I wouldn’t want to have sex with a man who is having sex with other men, nothing wrong with people who do, it’s just not my preference. It also shows her “double” double standard because she does lesbian scenes with black women. But I think the first statement was more accurate, she wants to keep her white Nubian kings happy 🤷🏽‍♀️

  11. This Slut ass Pale Skin Pilgrim Bitch is a Racist.You noticed how she went all the way in on why she don’t do sex scenes with Brothaz.This Ain’t Shit Bitch just said Brothaz in Porn are doing Fag Shit and also a lot of them have STD’s and don’t let anyone know.This shit came off as a Racist Nigga Hating Devil Bitch speaking down on Brothaz and not being Honest! Pilgrim Males do the same as well I bet but this Slut Ass Cum Swallowing Whore wanna put negative things out about Brothaz.This shit shouldn’t surprise anyone who is Black that understand these Racist Devil Ass Pilgrim’s…But it’s Brothaz out here that will still date these Racist Devil Ass Pilgrim Whores 🤔Karceno SuperCoon Bitch ass definitely will.That Sambo ass Bitch Nigga

  12. I don’t know why it’s a big deal to black men for this one white woman to do IR porn… jeez talk about wanting what you “can’t have”… I think they get a thrill out of it. Fucking white women is like a prize I guess….

  13. How can she do lesbian scenes then get mad if a guy does gay scenes on the side? Lmao she just doesn’t like Black men which is her Prerogative but just be honest when asked🙄

  14. I believe her. Random black men on the streets go both ways, so I know for film and more money they will. Plus some black men will have an STD and not say nothing or won’t get tested. And I say that not to bash them, but that happens everyday outside of this industry. She may want to keep her white male fan base happy too, but I think she is thinking about her health. And as a woman, I dont blame her.

  15. I believe her because i work in that industry, my neices mum even won a AVN award she mostly shot IR & Anal. I think she should of clarified a while back but then again look at what happend to the porn chick that commited suacide because she got back lash for saying she does not do seens with bi men who shoot gay porn. Which i also know quite a few females talent that won’t no matter what race you are.

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