July 2, 2022

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47 thoughts on “Match The Sugar Let’s Play

    1. That’s Wendy and Erick Sermon. Remember all the names are at the top and Biggies not up there 😊

  1. 18 has to be Rihanna since she don’t mess with drake anymore and her new boo the Saudi billionaire who lives in London. That’s all I got.

  2. First one at the top..(b)…1)C , 2) Z, 3)Y , 4) A, 5) blank , 6) D , 7) F, 8) X , 9) H, 10)G , 11) U ,12) L, 13) N , 14) M , 15) J , 16) I, 17) O , 18) K , 19) R , 20) E , 21) Q , 22) T , 23) S , 24) P , 25) W , 26) V

    1. Revised.. B, 1)C, 2)Z, 3)Y, 4)P, 5)T, 6)A, 7)F, 8)X, 9)H, 10)O, 11)U, 12)L, 13)N, 14)M, 15)J, 16) Y, 17)X, 18)K, 19)R, 20) D, 21)Q, 22)T, 23)S, 24)E, 25)W, 26)V

  3. Justin Timberlake-kissing G, 1) Erick Sermon-window, 2) V- Michael Strahan,3) ?? Trey Songz, 4) Jay Z, 5) Draya?, 6) Ricky Bell, 7)??, 8) Stefani Vara, 9) Sally Richardson, 10) Rocsi, 11) Halle Berry, 12) L-G, 13)??Rhi, 14) Wendy Williams 15) ?? Drake, 16) Rosa Acosta, 17)Rita Ora, 18)?? Anna Benson, 19)Trina, 20) ??Kanye, 21) Marilyn Monroe, 22)Chantel J 23) ?? Mya, 24) Mos Def?, 25) Jasmine Guy, 26) Kanye

  4. thank you to the people who tried yall are no fun . that is part of the uniqnessof the page is to have fun

  5.   it was told that he was all hugged up and  kissing Giselle at a
    party  and she called him an amazing kisser -Justin Timberlake
    1. Jumped out the window of a married celebrity and almost broke his
    leg because of her husband
    came home
    2. She Left  him because he put a tracking device under her car and was waiting for her in her garage to come home
    3.once Hooked up with Amber Rose On a party boat
    4. He had the baddest chick in the game wearing his chain first -Ricky Bell
    5. Stevie J and Joseline Stole all her Luis Vuitton Luggage and Silverware that you saw in the first season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. and nobody ever knew
    6. Allegedly was fuckin Shari Headley and Halle Berry at the same damn time -Ricky Bell
    7 .was about to get  robbed for his jewelry one night in a waffle house
    if a certain rapper didn’t show and save  him -Eric Sermon

    8  Drake has been Rumored to now be crushing on her as of April 2018 -Chantel Jeffries

    9. Almost Ruined one of Hollywood’s most famous Marriages because they were both  sprung out on her -Sally Richardson

    10  The Word is  In Hollywood Don’t leave your man around her because she Will  fuck em and more than likely Get Em -Rocsi

    11. She left her man and got punched in the side of the head  -Halle Berry

    12. The only one Nick Cannon shot his shot with and Missed -Beyonce

    13.   Girl, what you doing Creeping out of his Mansion at 4Am?  We didn’t even know you two were getting it on

    14   was sucking a famous rapper ‘s dick and his famous Boss caught her and threw her out of his studio -Wendy Williams

    15  Boyfriends get so Crazy over him they become dangerous to their wives/Girlfriends -Trey Songz

    16   Was  fake dating this famous brother  and Exposed how his family  paid her to fake a miscarriage

    17  Girl if you don’t get your hands around that married man’s waist, and from the Back too? -Rita Ora

    18  You use to be able to  catch her in Toronto at her former fuck buddy’s mansion now you can catch her over in london and Dubai -Rihanna

    19  Found out her boyfriend had dumped her for a famous sister when she came home and her Key didn’t work -Kim Kardashian

    20   He Thought That Nick Cannon was smashing his Fiance on the low and that led to issues -Kanye West

    21  Oh, so we fuckin Famous Brother’s now? That’s what we doing girl? -Marilyn Monroe

    22   So what was the 3 some like with those two? Girl,  Do you wish they were still together? -Draya

    23 Girl stop lying on superhead you know that was you. -Trina

    24 They say women go to see him when they want to see about a horse. -Eric Sermon

    25  The producer of the show had her all fucked up, didn’t know what team she was playing for. -Jasmine Guy

    26  Accusing her of cheating when it was him cheating all along

  6. Top)e 1)c, 2)r, 3)z, 4)p, 5) 6)a, 7) 8)u, 9)h, 10)o , 11)g, 12)l, 13)n, 14)m, 15)j, 16)y, 17)x, 18)k, 19)s, 20)d, 21)q, 22)t, 24)b, 25)w, 26)v.

  7. Omggggg this is the shit I’m on the edge of my damn chair bowt to fall off ☕️☕️☕️👁👁

  8. No number Justin Timberlake 1trey songs 2 Halle 3 drake 4 mos def 5 draya 6 Eric sermon 7 Kanye 9 sally Richardson 10 definitely Rocsi 11 Wendy Williams 12 Chantelle 13 Marilyn Monroe 15 Trina 25 definitely Jazmine guy

  9. 0. Justin T.

    1. Eric sermon

    2. Halle Berry

    3 Giselle 😂

    4. Jay z

    5. Rosa Acosta

    6. ricky bell

    7 . Most def

    8 chanel jefferies

    9. Sally Richardson

    10 rocsi

    11. Jasmine guy

    12. mya

    13. Kim Kardashian

    14. Wendy williams

    15 trey songz

    16 rita ora

    17 rocsi

    18 Rihanna

    19 Draya

    20 Kanye West

    21 Marilyn Monroe

    22 Trina

    23. Stefani Vara

    24 Michael strahan.

    25 Anna benson

    26. Drake

  10. 0. Justin Timberlake 1.Erick sermon 2.micheal Strahan 4.jayz 6. Ricky Bell 7.drake 15.trey songs 16. Rosa Acosta 17.rita Ora 18.rihanna 19.trina 25.Jasmine guy 26.kanye that’s all I got

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