September 29, 2022

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12 thoughts on “PR Diaries: Treach vs. 2Pac? Marilyn Hiding Black Boyfriend

  1. She was a slut (sorry but come on now) and could sleep with anyone else but god forbid she sleep with a black man? Haha white racists are hilarious and insecure

  2. Yeah Pac was a Real One…I think it was the 60s CRIP who were at Treach I believe ✊🏿 RIP #TupacShakur

  3. Dang… Treach is really one who lives up to his name, ain’t he? Smh.. I miss Tupac.. 😞
    I read a couple of places that Marilyn was nasty as hell. That she didn’t wash her ass and was just smashing dudes left and right. Was she under the “kitten control” G?

  4. I might be late on this one but can we hear about Pepa and Treach? I thought it was weird that she wrote a book discussing his abuse, he never defended himself, and then years later she said she had a ghost writer and she didn’t read it all. She said called Treach and apologized👀👀👀

  5. So who are”dem babies”bey and jay were holding naked I’m confused, so somebody let them hold their babies naked? They went to somebody asking for their children? in the grown women video she even had somebody else babies. And then home videos lol she really walk around the house like that she is worse than Kim

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