July 2, 2022

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21 thoughts on “What Happened To Kate Spade?

  1. How can you hang to your death from a door knob? 🤔
    My first thought after reading the note was did she get something from her husband like a disease?
    Keep spilling G this is gonna make for an interesting Lifetime movie.

  2. Sorry G, I’m still confused as to why she didn’t see any of the 2.4bil. I don’t get it.

    1. They sold their reminding portion of the company in 2007. The company that they sold it to is the one that sold it to Coach so unfortunately Kate wasn’t entitled to anything

  3. Soon as I saw this I said let me go to the blog and see what G thinks abt this cuz this is fishy! 🤔🙏🏽🙏🏽

  4. Totally Random but do you know anything about BTS? I’m asking because they are HUGE right now & do they have to go through rituals too?

  5. I think the husband had something to do with her death. I could be a blood sacrifice for him. If not her husband maybe a close friend of hers. Maybe not. 🤔😑

  6. The fashion world is just as sick as any other industry. I read a couple of days ago about what Andrè Leon Talley is going through it is said. Just like any other industry when you are of no use to them anymore, they get rid of you…

  7. It’s mighty suspicious that she hung herself with a scarf from a door knob… Now… I’m no ticket scientist but I do believe that Lwren Scott another person in fashion died this way…I watch enough forensic shows and ik that to hang yourself from a door knob even at height of 5 feet is still not enough of a drop to cut off air to someone if they hung themselves.. So suicides that get ruled that way… Sounds like a hit with intentions of making it look like a suicide… This probably a decision that she felt… Hey this ish is difficult… Her husband IG wasn’t the greatest and she did it for the revenue she’ll generate for the new brand named after her daughter… And help keep her trust fund strong bc.. I’m sure she’ll blow up now… Idk we’ll see..

  8. She and her husband sold that company over a decade ago. She got her billi off of that sale. Sometimes things just are what they are. Depression is real and money doesn’t make you exempt…

    1. she did not sell her company for a billion dollars by the time she split with her partners her and her husband may have came away with about 34 million. Coach bought it for 2.4 billion and her and hubby reportedly got none of it

      1. Correct but once you sell your stock you’re not entitled to any additional money from future sales of same.

  9. I’m starting to wonder if maybe they wanted her to sacrifice her daughter and since she obviously refused they had her killed

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