October 6, 2022

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16 thoughts on “More Info On Kate Spade’s Death. Husband Reportedly Having an Affair

  1. I’ve never heard of someone committing suicide with people at home something is definitely fishy here

  2. So she committed suicide because of a man? I mean she probably had deep personal problems but seriously find it suspicious that he was in the house when she committed act. Did they question him? I hope they did.

  3. Her sister wasn’t shocked 🤔 and her husband and business partner were at home 🤔, yet she was found by a maid 🤨….

  4. They said she was discovered by her maid…so what the hell was he busy doing? Idk something ain’t right.

  5. Others are reporting he was in his own apartment nearby when he got the call. But was he really in the home and they’re misleading us? Very sad.

  6. Wassup with the doorknob thing? Hanging from a doorknob with a scarf? How tall is the door cuz I’m looking at my doorknob n it would take one hell of a Chinese split for my 5’5 163 lb ass to commit suicide from my doorknob

  7. I knew it G! As soon as I saw relationship issues, I figured mistress, divorce, cheating, etc., and just like you said more will come out later and I know it will. You are definitely the truth!

  8. I’m not sold. The scarf. At home. Ask daddy. Door knob. I’m trying to connect the dots but some dots are missing….

  9. Spade made a announcement today vehemently denying of the allegations of a affair. He and Kate sold the Late Spade Nrand last year for. $2.4 billion buck a roos. There’s one sister the family alienated, I’ll get she’ll talk for the right price. RIP KATE SPADE

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