October 4, 2022

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37 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Relationship Of Rihanna and Lebron James

  1. G off topic but on Rihanna is Melissa and Jen Rihanna handlers? If the illuminate stuff isolate ppl who did her a Melissa still be able to remain so CLOSE? Last if yes how do they turn to a handier

      1. I wouldnt say in on it but they are there to control rihanna make sure she stays on track it used to be jay but rihanna has never really had a handler because she has always been in control Rihanna is good man she is like a new age madonna Madge never really had handlers

  2. This sugar was too sweet!!! Savannah should’ve beat her ass, Rihanna was just too bold and direcf with the bullshyt.

  3. I’ve always wondered what happened between Savannah and Gab. Union?? One minute they were always together, then suddenly you stopped seeing them together ever and this was before Lebron left Miami.

    1. Savannah and her are cool Savannah just doesn’t feel as though she gets mad for the shiesty things dwade does she never holds him accountable and she does not feel that way about her husband. She aint going for no more cheating

  4. Can you do a back story on handlers like what’s they purpose and how do they get in them positions?

  5. Chileeee this tea was sweet. I always thought she was just a huge fan. Then it got a bit too much and I’m like ok rih I love you but you’re not a regular civilian you’re another celeb. People like me can do those things and it not be looked at as too weird or out of pocket. But her being Rihanna and doing these antics for the world to see is suspect. I can see how Savannah wouldn’t be comfortable with it. I love bron too and I hope he’s stopped his relationships with anybody else outside his marriage. He has a beautiful family and I hope Robyn gets one too soon.

  6. Oh and G what were they gonna sign Lebron to do ? He does music ? Or his management or something ?

    1. Jay manages ahtletes too and renegotiates there contracts they got robinson Cano i think kevin durant too

  7. This sugar boy…and from what i hear ole bron bron got a break baby like his boy wade. And also can we get some sugar on the rituals athletes have to go through? I know it’s something there

  8. I love me some rih , but that 23 on her stomach had me uncomfortable like bron was my man 😂. Her antics were beyond bold , they were straight up disrespectful! Poor Savannah, I couldn’t do it honey . And she can’t call rih out because her fans would slaughter her . Ugh this is too much 😭😂

  9. Hey G— from what I’ve noticed Rihanna really doesn’t go overboard like this for any of her men. She comes off as a savage and not a “groupie” for lack of a better word.
    Does she just want to concur LJ as a personal goal? Is she in love with him? Is the peen that good that she’s willing to act like this in public AND post it on her social media?
    Is this why her other relationships haven’t worked out?
    It’s just interesting behavior from her and I think there is more there to WHY she does these things. One thing for certain is you proved WHEN and WHAT she did with LJ, so thanks for that.

    1. dont think she is in love with him i do think she likes him a lotttt but she knows he is a married man

  10. I swear my brother is the biggest lebron fan I used to argue with him all the time like yo you can see the chemistry 😩. I remember the last pic fans were tagging savanna to the point she had to step out in say chill . Crazy . I love rih . I heard she broke up with her new boo . Love em and leave em

  11. When I heard Lebron was returning to Cleveland, I knew it was more than wanting to win one for the city. I’m glad he tightened up for his wife because he was really treating his time in Miami like it was the colleg experience he never had. It got so bad with the groupies the Miami Herald was running blind items about one of the top players with groupies after a playoff game. TBH it could’ve been LBJ or Wade. If we’re honest, Lebron needs Savannah as his wife – for his family and his image.

    1. I agree. It would look bad “brandwise”, not being married to his high school sweetheart, mother of his children, and probably the female only he probably could trust. The question will be if LBJ leaves Cleveland and goes to L.A., how will he conduct himself out there?

    1. Right the headlines say she said she get tired of men but I think that’s a cover up from her not wanting to be told what to do since she been with him she’s been on social media less

  12. Savannah just gonna have to charge it to da game. Being married to an Athlete you gotta be honest with yourself and know wat ur getting into.
    Now I knew Rih & him were smashing when she put up those pics, Can u blame the girl?

  13. I heard he has a child with a news anchor or something like that who is in Atlanta now, supposedly this happened during his stent in Miami too…..is this true?

  14. After reading this I just went to rih pg and I saw Lebron pic she posted 4 days ago lol she a celeb groupie

  15. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts now that he’s taking his talents to LA with allllllllllll the groupies/hoes. How is Savannah gonna handle this? If she thought the groupies were something in Miami, the ones n La are 10 x’s worse

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