September 29, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Word Has It That Asap Rocky May Have Spilled The Sugar To Pusha T About Drake’s Baby

  1. I’m thoroughly disgusted by the fact that he had unprotected sex with her knowing that she’s an escort. Men will stick their penis in any and everything. Money can’t stop you from getting AIDS!

    1. From what I hear Drake has been known to have unprotected sex, he put himself in that situation.
      As far as ASAP Rocky is concerned,his biggest problem is women. This dude will leave his people hanging for a chick.

    1. Welp drake idk see what happens when you fuck all Willy nilly…I think it’s just the fact she has been with people he’s cool with if it was a hoe none of them had he probably would feel better but this shit is funny drake can’t catch a break.

  2. I don’t blame Drake of being ashamed of having a baby mother like that. I would be too! All the good women he has fucked up with..could have had a baby with Serena or even Rihanna. You get what you deserve… SMH.

  3. Teyana’s husband said he Didn’t hit it. I knew he was to good to be true.. G whats the Tea on that?

  4. I was just thinking . It was probably from pillow talking like niggas do! I swear they gossip more then females lol. My thing is hopefully he just wants to be private because ashamed is a whole other issue . She should feel dumb raw backing anything in this industry

  5. Off topic but, Gina, did you see the picture of Gabby and Wade’s break baby?? Baller Alert posted🤦

      1. Hold on it’s another baby or the same one from that girl Aja that was on basketball wives

    1. That baby d wade on gabby that chick look funny & the baby these niggas hit anything😫😫

    1. good question i dont know but people have been trying to get drake outta here for a few years

      1. I’m wondering if this is Hov behind all of this..bcuz he tried with Meek..but we saw how that played out..🤷🏽‍♀️🤔

      2. correct it could be i would not put it past him he is jealous of drake he would befriend him and then betray him thats his ammo

    2. Bellaaleeya18 I believe they trying to black ball him too. Just like they try to black ball Nicki. I don’t know who drake piss off. Because everybody seem to love everything drake do. I wonder did someone payed Push.T and Asap Rocky to diss drake. The same way they payed Remy ma to diss Nicki. Shady things going on behind close doors.🤔😌

    1. Everybody coming for Drake and Nicki. They both have to be careful who they call friends. They both have to be careful and stay close to each other. Can’t trust people in the music industry. Nicki still wining her single went gold in USA and Canada. Drake still number 1on the billboards. The hate towards them is real. Drake is going on tour with the Migos and I don’t know why. I would not trust them either. Look what Qvaho Huncho did to Nicki. Got to be careful 😐😒😞

  6. So ASAP claims he didn’t release the tea. So SOMEBODY is lying. I think the ASAP story has a mixture of truths and lies. My guess, the French chic was messing with ALL of them around the same time. Got knocked up. Didn’t know who was the daddy, but wanted a BIG fish. Here Enters Drake. I am going to roll with the with the TMZ version that he(Drake) hasn’t taken the DNA test yet, BUT is cutting checks. There are a lot of men who aren’t sure on paternity, but will pay just in case it IS their kid. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Until the next time on “The Bold and the Beautiful…”

  7. I cant believe Iman’s name is in this. Now im starting to believe the rumors that came out couple weeks ago. Really thought he was different, I guess not.

  8. G before the French chic deterred all her tweets she tweeted awhile back “Drake is a deadbeat” …She as well could a been pillowtalking

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