October 6, 2022

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22 thoughts on “The Truth About What Happened With Riccardo Tisci At The Mercer Hotel

  1. hmmmm. interesting. Ricardo is not dead and the guy was in the room, escaped and feared his life. Maybe some conjuring was going on? Mendes aint about that life it appears.

  2. I think he saw a demon or the devil in that room. I would have run for me life too. I know he saw something evil and it wanted to take his soul or kill him. He got away good, but I know he having a hard time sleeping at night.

  3. I looked at Tariks IG! The last day he posted was the same day of the Met Gala!!! I wonder what he saw? Prolly took his ass back to Brazil to hide from them people! I’m glad I’m poor and don’t wanna be famous. Blessings in plain sight.

  4. What if Tisci started to shake shift bc it was late… I heard some ppl say that they lose their body form or something… That’s only thing I can think of besides a outright attack… And nothing said he was hurt… Just scared… That could scare the shit out of anyone.. Just a thought

  5. I agree with the comments above. Did the police not question Ricardo? What did he say to the hotel staff when they got his things? What did they say to him? I can’t.

  6. He looks kinda reptilian to me in this pic..Tisci look like he know he’s above the law and ready to snake his tongue out at someone

  7. Its def something BEYOND man…… Def something beyond US. This is full of creepiness n suspense! Gosh I hope dude pops back up and gives us some type of HINT. But this is VERY CREEPY.

  8. I’m literally dying to know the rest, 😥 I don’t doubt you’ll find out sooner or later!

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