October 6, 2022

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45 thoughts on “Def Jam Meeting That Turned Into an Invitation that Turned Into A Sex Ritual

  1. Wow. Oh my god. Folks having their assholes popped. I don’t even know what that means. Are we talking about an anal prolapse?

      1. I think you’re on to something! I figured out Mos Def…but I couldn’t figure out who Tracey Wilson is.

  2. I wonder do they know, they have to do that before they take the deal. Because if they told me I have to do that for a music career i will say no thanks and leave. I don’t care how much they offer me.

  3. Kurt : Kevin Liles
    Billy Valentino : Bobby V
    Definite Dope : Most Def
    Tracey Wilson : Terri Walker
    B.M.G. : DMX

  4. Does this mean all the popular artist we know, had to go through this or just the ones signed at that label?
    For example, the ones with the sold out makeup lines and crazy in love couples.. just wondering..

    I see DMX name oh wow.. Let me go burn some sage this shit is a whole new level of fucked up.
    This is disgusting, I really hate these demonic fuckers behind the industry..

    1. No amount of sage is gonna get this image out of my mind. I felt sick reading this. I don’t know how G copes with what she knows

      1. Well it worked for me hope you good though..

        G is gangta with this shit for real the things she has seen or been told I can only imagine..
        But at the same time it’s good to have knowledge of what’s really going on, because that rabbit hole goes deeper..

      2. Maybe I’ll have to do a sage/ Palo Santo/ Florida water combo lol. But honestly, I can’t get all this stuff out of my mind. It hurts my soul thinking about some of this fucked up shit, and I know this is just tip of the iceberg. Yeah, better to not be blissfully ignorant. I do send my prayers to G though because it can’t be easy knowing all this stuff and she knows so much more than she can ever say

      3. I’m gonna need to be medicated or something to read the hotel stuff for sure

  5. Wow the industry is cray cray. I just looked up Terri Walker. The last paragraph and a few hashtags of her first IG post is kind of telling.

  6. Geez I figured out the individuals but .. popped omg girl the image alone makes me sick to my stomach .. 😪 I can’t imagine letting someone drive down my ONE WAY STREET ❌ and for a shitty deal

  7. I work in the medical field….and I just googled the popped out….and I am scarred for the rest of my life!!! My Lord!!!

  8. Daradiant1…u always on point with the ppl. If u ever need me to pay your monthly subscription I got ya! We NEED u here to help figure shit out. 😁

  9. My boss’s nephew developed that as an infant- if they didn’t put it back immediately, it would dry out and become really painful to push in. It took a few trips to the ER before his mom got comfortable with pushing it in, but it corrected itself without surgery by the time he was 1.

  10. Seen this TW character at a few events in the early 2000’s and I so wanted to be a supporter been her attitude stank came across divaish so instantly went off her. Now to hear this it totally makes sense. She was damaged by such traumatic start so had this bravado up.
    Like us all it took time and growth and maturity to look past the incident and heal. Hope she is in a much better place now.

    1. I’ve got her first album. Wondered what happened to her. Imagine she must have been so excited going to New York getting her deal and then having to go through that shit.

      1. I honestly did not know who she was until reading this. I probably bypassed her music during that time. I was a major music head and didn’t even recall her coming into the scene. But to hear what one must do to get a deal is just ridiculous. Makes you wonder what the other major artists had to go through to get theirs smh

  11. Don’t know about y’all but I’m more interested to know who’s all behind the mask. Especially the artist’s.

  12. Wow imagine having to go through all that just for two years 😢 truly sad I wish the industry wasn’t like this.

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