October 6, 2022

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21 thoughts on “PR Diaries: Motown Sugar – Part 2

  1. I love Tammi Terrell, that’s probably why Marvin was so distraught. Marvin and Tammy definitely had chemistry but wasn’t he possibly gay or bisexual?

  2. I want a ground breaker pr story that iI haven’ heard about Barry or ppl from Motown… Gotta be something else you got in the bag Gina.

  3. David beat her with a motorcycle helmet. She also was beat by James brown who hit her in the head with a hammer. I know her whole story my friend is doing her movie

    1. I forgot she was dating JB and he damn sure hit her with a hammer. That’s where it all started with that brain injury.

    2. Yep, I think there was an episode of Unsung about her. She was just a teenager when all of this started happening to her.

  4. G I just read that Marvin Gaye killed a bunch a prostitutes back in the day and he paid off police and city officials to avoid being charged. Did you hear about this? It was a blind item but they revealed it was Marvin.

      1. except any blind i cant confirm with an older pr or older executive. i wil never post because these blinds be lies sometimes

  5. Tammi Terrell death is sad and the abuse she endured is disturbing. It makes a good point about her brain tumor diagnosis was by physical abuse-specifically to the head. Very disturbing 🙁….

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