September 29, 2022

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14 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The R Kelly & Aaliyah Situation part 3

  1. Again 100% accurate. She was pregnant. Hell, the poor chile was running thru O’Hare puking her guts out in a trash can. The picture of her and Lil Kim together, her face was fat and full.

  2. I also heard that Aaliyah’s mother and uncle never spoke again as a result of this.
    Hey G, I heard that Aaliyah was planning on leaving her uncle’s label and there was some tension between them. Do you know anything about this?

  3. I have the book that Demetrius wrote, she was pregnant and Kelz paid to change her age! This is very accurate! But G I have a question, didn’t at one time you said she dated Ginuwine, what year was that? Or was that Tupac? I could be mistaken..

    1. Ginuwine once she started doing music with Missy i think it was 97 Im not sure right before Jay i gotta go back and check

  4. G – you said that Age aint nothin but a number was initially written for Tiffany… then you said that Aaliyah had actually said that to R Kelly. what’s what?

    1. OK I am not gonna take too many more of you questioning my shit. The music was the same it was now lyrics on top of the music . What’s your deal?

  5. G, I have one question if this isn’t going to get you into too much trouble, why did the industry get rid of her if she was making them tons of money?

    1. Aaliyah I don’t think was an industry sacrifuce if she was a sacrifice it was a personal one

  6. I’ve seen many pictures of Aaliyah and her nose looks different in some of them. Did she have a nose job?

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