October 1, 2022

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15 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The R Kelly & Aaliyah Situation Part 2

  1. Kelly is known for dating underage, he evens has relations the SAME WAY each time and has the same play list of himself … super creepy … but hey he’s Kellz

  2. This is one of the most accurate stories I’ve seen so far regarding Aaliyah. There was talk that she was pregnant which is why they married but no one could prove it back then. She carried herself way older than her years. Thank You for pulling out this video which people forget.

  3. And ppl will still be in denial that this man is a creep…G whats your opinion on him especially with whats been going on lately? And do you think he’s about to be exposed for some other things as well?

      1. G, can you please do a story on Timbaland and Aaliyah? Was he in love with her and what made him say they were not on good terms when she died?

      2. he was in love with her and she was not in love with him like that he was mad when he found at she was dating ginuwine

      3. He found out in 2000? After they dated in 97? Bc she was w Dame @ the time of her death

      4. No They were not on bad terms because of her dating Ginuwine. He was mad at first but then they were ok. He always wanted her I would have to search and ask why they were on bad terms. Maybe that is why he was so upset because they never got a chance to make it right

  4. Key point: Both are Capricorns, but some female Capricorns do act older than their age and Aaliyah is one of them. On this particular relationship I can’t blame Kels on this one. Aaliyah pretty much handle it in a matter than the othwr women that Kels dealt with. Mind you it was also around that time he and Andrea was messing around. But what folks failed to realized he was beating Andrea’s, Joycelyn’s and the other girls asses except for Aaliyah, Sparkle’s neice, the girl who was driving the green Range Rover. I remember the sneaker store when I was up there and the loft apartment too. Hell, I remember the mansion in Olympia Fields especially when they started building it.

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