September 29, 2022

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50 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Toni Braxton and Baby Face Part 6 Finale

    1. G I believe everything you say. Because in 2013 through 2014, there was a fan who was saying all of this on YouTube and put videos out about them saying they were married and have a child together. They were telling all the secrets on her and babyface, and her son. After a few mouths all those vidoes got delete off YouTube. And a fanpage on IG was tell the same storys, then that page got delete too. G remember they deleted that video you put on your IG ICYDK in February about babyface and Toni Braxton kids. And you say you was going to make your own blog, because IG keep deleting your stuff. Thank God you have your own blog now. They can’t stop you now.😁😄😃

    1. When that duet album came out in 2014 she was running round talking about “he’s my musical husband. we’re married”.
      Cuz folks love hiding in plain sight. She probably got a kick outta saying that

  1. I think the latter part is of Bobby Brown and Ralph Trasvant.

    Toni and babyface I believe are married. They have that chemistry. Who passes that up? But money issues again and married to babyface? Something wrong. Maybe they are married and separated?

  2. I believe all of this G! I keep telling myself that there is no way that Toni is with Birdman. He is totally not her type. I could NOT see her with him at all. You are telling the truth!

  3. What I don’t understand is why are they going through all this?? This is 2018, nobody cares if they get together.

  4. My thoughts as well, why can’t they just be together & stop all this craziness they have going on. Two grown adults can’t just be together & go be happy as old as they are.

    1. Babyface had a daughter with that lady and Toni Braxton was still marry to Keri Lewis. If thay got together during that time. Everybody would drag them in the media, radio stations to trash her and babyface. They had to keep it on the down low. Because their kids were young and still young, and they wouldn’t understand. They don’t won’t to look bad in the public like the Hollywood power couple BA. Everybody know who is AB. Toni is waiting for her son, ( i mean their son) 😅to graduate from high school this year of next first. His daughter is the youngest, but she smart and I think she knows whats up. Toni been seen with that little girl many times. 😆🙂

  5. Okay I’m 5,000 shades of confused right now. Am I missing something??? Kenneth married Nicole in 2014, but him and Toni was married since 2013? Did they separate or something?? She wasn’t even married to Kerry at this point so why not come public about Babyface? So glad I didn’t get involved in this industry. Too much backwardness.

  6. Oh hold up G u not bout to just slide that in at the end and keep it pushing 😩😩😂

  7. Awww I love me some Toni and thank God she’s not marrying that gremlin. I don’t like the fact that her camp is tryna say you’re a liar and I don’t get the point of covering up the marriage. If you want to be together, than be together!

  8. 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮 you cant fake who you love & attractive too. I nevef cared enough to pay attention. But now i am gonna go look 🤣🤣🤣

  9. You can literally feel their chemistry. I don’t care what nobody say, its there and been there since The Boomerang Soundtrack!

  10. I knew something was up after reading about the history between these two. Then all of a sudden you’re getting married to Birdman, who by the way the I see absolutely no chemistry/connection. This industry is all smoke and mirrors.

  11. I don’t know why they would hide it. It’s looks better if they are married. It would make sense. Anyway i thought he was gay ir scared of girls

  12. So is she hiding the fact she married babyface to her family? And if she’s having money issues as always lol how come babyface couldn’t help kick his “wife” down no coins?

  13. I knew it 🤗 I been saying this whole time shes not marrying that ” Bryan” she’s really married to K “Brian” (Babyface) Edmonds can’t wait to read the rest G you are the best

  14. But Babyface supposedly married his present wife Nicole in 2014. So that marriage is fake and the marriage to Toni in 2013 is real?

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