August 16, 2022

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30 thoughts on “The Real Truth About The Life Of Shirley Temple Part 2 of 2

  1. A friend of mine was a producer and she would not play the game. She also wanted to be a star and she was so passionate about it. She got closer to Jesus and changed her entire route and never looked in that direction again nor thought twice about it. You have to be willing to compromise certain virtues/ values surviving and serving Hollywood. In the end it doesn’t seem worth. They had fame, money and they still lonely and empty deep inside.

  2. Shirley Temple’s story makes me so sad and angry and upset. Watching those movies they put these babies in, I want to punch all of those sick fucks in the jaw. My heart aches.

  3. I agree with what he says about checking the foster care system. Some sick things on in those homes as well.

  4. Her mom was living her life through her daughter and not to mention how women paid her father to make them their own Shirley Temple

  5. When I say this was truly heartbreaking because her mother knew what they were doing and she experienced the assault 1st hand😢. How could you as a mother expose your baby to these monsters! This make me hate Jewish men and everyone thinks they are the chosen race!😒

  6. Watching her interview with Larry King is mind boggling because no matter what she know she endured she refused to paint a negative picture of her childhood and that lets me know even at 60 she was still under someone’s control! She was such a strong, loving and pleasant person. She found peace in everything she did, wow!

  7. I watched Shirley as a little girl and it was something that always scared me about her but i see now my soul was disturbed

  8. You can see this playing out with that Stranger Things’ girl Millie Bobby Brown. Something isn’t right with her.

    1. Her parents let her have a dinner, alone at a directors house at 11 pm so I’m with sis smh

  9. This is tragic and sick, it really really is. G, can you do a story on Jon Benet Ramsey when you have time

    1. Yes, I got the same vibe. There was a CDAN blind about her parents interested how much money could be made. Also, that Kris Jenner is trying to take over as her manager.

  10. This poor girl . People can’t began to understand the pain it causes to live with being abused .. the shame and embarrassment you carry with you afterwards . I truly believe the world is out of balance due to the disrespect and disregard for women . We deal with this everyday I can’t even fathom how bad it is with men of power 😢. It’s hard but keep EXPOSING these sick sad people .

  11. 😞 This is heartbreaking. Those movie clips….my God, so disturbing. A lot of suggestive behavior portrayed. Aaaggghh!!!

  12. I can’t bring myself to watch any of these. This shit is so fucking sickening. Baby burlesque? WT actual F!

  13. This is what happened to the girl that played Carol-Ann in the poltergeist movies, but she died from three producers assaulting her.

      1. You should look it up. Says she died from cardiac arrest brought on by septic shock due to small bowel obstruction. Hospital misdiagnosed her with crohn’s. There was a wrongful death suit that settled out of court. Found all of that on wikipedia idk where the assault thing came from.

      2. Oh wow are you serious I never knew that. I loved that little girl. Growing up I thought she was sooo beautiful too. Damn y’all got my mind spinning right now. 😢

  14. My daughter has wanted to act. I have even been offered different opportunities. I keep telling her no but she doesn’t understand. Either i refuse to let her. I told her she can study the art. Take classes and do plays until she is old enough. Luckily she has calmed down. I always had a bad feeling about it. Because all the child celebrities and singers all say it’s not what we think. But it wasn’t until this blog i really knew what they meant.

  15. This is so disturbing and people used to watch this shit, how could they not notice she’s playing an adult time!? All them grown ass muthafkn men playing on that baby, she’s basically a show good 😐 HOW DID THEY NOT SEE THIS?! The subliminal of the mother being hit though, that’s plain sight showing sur can not save her child at that point SMH DISGUSTING 🤢

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