October 6, 2022

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52 thoughts on “The Truth Behind who Giselle Will Sacrifice.

  1. I thought one of the other reasons she stopped talking to her dad was because he reportedly stole money from her and she found out by using jay’s live nation accounting team once that happened she let jay take control. Is this true?

  2. “It’s a beautiful death, let’s both wear White”- JayZ OTR …Yeah he sacrificed Cathy for sure. Maybe that’s y Bey been hiding them twins cause I’m sure they’ll be up for consideration

  3. I’m just gone keep my eyes open I honestly want to see the tapes of wtf they be doing fr fr it better not be jewels and when Solange was posting those videos of him and her for mother’s day I felt weird looking at them but I had a feeling jay z would try to get Kanye especially after watch Charlemagne interview. Could it be nicki? Mary40 said nicki,Jay-Z, and Mariah is in big trouble now this makes me think why a lot of them don’t have children

      1. Brim i dont think Jay and bey or kim can sacrifice Nicki, because they are not close friends. You have to sacrifice someone in your family or a close friend. Nicki have to sacrifice someone to stay a live. Birdman or drake could offer her because they are close. Mariah Carey is close to Jay.Z and bey, they might try to offer her up. And Mariah is on Jay.Z label. We have to wait and see what happens.

      2. Nicki Minaj is playing nice right now. She knows she in trouble. That’s why she having been talking shit like she used to do. That why you seen her talking and taking pics with people she don’t like. She holding on until the end. She knows what she got to do to stay in the game. She might not be number one anymore, but she is number 2 or 3 in the game for female rappers right now.

  4. This sugar was TOO sweet! What is in these tapes of Giselle? Interesting tidbit about Solange and them attempting to sacrifice Juelz.

  5. So what happens if Jay doesn’t want to do a sacrifice & refuses… Then what are the elites going to do? R they going to put the ball in Giselle’s court or kill them both?

    Cuz Mary40 said Jay Z is deactivated & they are gonna kill him. Along with Mariah and Nicki Minaj. They have the color red in the background of a lot of pics and that is the sign when they are gonna kill someone.

    Aaliyah had a lot of red around her on her last album cover before she died.

    1. Also is there a time period in regards to how long they will accept a sacrifice. Like a certain period of time when they will accept what you offer up.

    2. mary is good but she is over the top so is real consipracy you see they are theorist they have never been in the industry i have and I agree with some of what Mary says of course but she also said they dont last till 60 well quincy is 80 and madonna is almost 60 as well they don’t kill veryone only if you start talking

    3. Just like Whitney did her last interview with Oprah and those red chairs they were sitting in.

  6. The tide is starting to turn on Jay and Giselle.

    So funny she had her dress all set, and did not show up to the MET. Tidal, SEC, the tour, the rumors of debt to Live Nation. Giselle does not even look like the same person anymore. She looks so dead behind the eyes. Her twins aren’t even 1 yet and she’s going on tour again. Something’s wrong

  7. G. What is the whole sacrifice thing about? Do they use the body of the victim for a purpose or is it just about control and emotional manipulation?

  8. Beyonce is cousins with queen Elizabeth herself; she didn’t marry into this she was born into this her and lady Gaga. If anything jay z is the outsider who. Worked his way up

  9. If i were a new artist that Giselle and Jay were suddenly interested in, I would watch my back.

  10. Why don’t she get rid of the husband and keep other people safe.. can always get a new man.

  11. How i understand clearly why Kanye said what he said about he lies J has killers don’t send them for his head he was letting the world know that if anything happens to him JayZ was the reason…I think at that moment probably before that he had a break thru for
    MKultra And was letting us no what he knew was going to happen to him

  12. Interesting enough l heard she just purchased an abandoned church in New Orleans.
    What’s the tea on that?

  13. so knowing all of this, what do you thin is the connection between this and the new church she supposedly brought down in New Orleans? Is it the area of her night time rituals or something?

  14. Yo G, let me add to what you just said. Now here is the part I am going to add what yall don’t know. These are the words that came from Alexsandra Wright’s mouth. She said when she was around 4 months pregnant, Bey and Jay did come to her and ask her was she willingly to give up her child? She said, “Absolutely not! I will not give up my child to save none of you for no price!” The price was a very and I do a very low number. Six figures now! Come on! She lives in L.A.! Anyway, once she shot that down, Bey and Jay was running out of time for a sacrifice. Even Mathew was offering Alex money to get rid of her child. Is was a lil bit higher, but she said no for the mere fact he told her to keep the baby. Then all of sudden, you want to sell the baby because you (Mathew) got an unexpected gift from another woman about another child. But I betcha he didn’t asked Ta Quoya to sell her daughter. Why? Homegirl had dirt on Mathew. Remember now Quoya and Solo were best friends and we all have that one friend who “won’t knock it til you try it” ends up having fun til it gets really real. Okay then. That’s why he just took that DNA test, pay that child support and keep pushing. Alex didn’t have as much dirt, Quoya did. Plus, she is a realtor, put her at a more advantage to find Mathew to serve them papers if he gets behind. So technically it was supposed to be Aaliyah, Cathy, Julez, Nixon, and the Nephew. Whewwwwww!!!!

    1. The word I heard is they wanted Nixton to be their baby. This was before Blu ivy and the baby would of course resemble Giselle. But I can’t see Giselle and Tina embracing a bastard child built on pain. Even if it is a publicly move.

      1. It would be impossible for her to claim her half brother as her son. Mathew genes are too strong on Nixon. They wouldn’t be able to pull it off even if she said it is her son.

  15. None of it is shocking honestly… but who she would sacrifice now that would be a shock ..bey so deep into this she couldn’t get out if the exit was right in front of her

  16. They are already comparing Normani Kordei to Beyoncé based on her Billboard performance. Calling her ‘New Beyonce’…

    1. Baprincess I wonder how Beyonce feel about that. We all know she think she is God. And noone can compare to her. Narmani performance was great.

      1. She might be in on it kinda like Janet and Teyana Taylor etc. She was just talking to her at the Roc Nation brunch

      2. I thought so too after her crazy and love performance or I was thinking the girl that won that show diddy and Khalid host.

  17. I never understood how she can hate her father that’s just sad up me! But whatever that’s her lil life 👐🏼 as far as that elevator incident, I just thought she was scary lol

  18. Anybody else think it’s these twins of hers that are gonna be sacrificed? I mean if they haven’t already been… could be why we haven’t seen ANY pics of them yet and when the time does come for some pics im sure they would have found two freshly adopted babies for it 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. Wow that would be some sick and scary stuff to think about, if it happened. I never considered this but you might be on to something. They are evil if they consider doing this to those innocent babies.

  19. Wow!! Once “enlightened”, can ppl still attend concerts of these artists with the same enthusiasm? This shit is bananas (as Ashanti would say…one of the only respectable artist left)

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