July 2, 2022

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37 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Giselle & Solange Issues

  1. Yes all sisters deal with jealousy there’s always One that’s more attractive or talented or both I too thought Solange would be a bigger star with help from Giselle

  2. Do you think Giselle doesn’t want Solange to be in the industry like she is because of the rituals & stuff? Or just because she doesn’t want no one above her?

  3. I figured there was jealousy when Solange got pregnant. To me, I saw it as an attention grab because it was all about Bey. Then she had the shotgun wedding to save face.

  4. According to their old vocal coach and these Houston streets Mama Tina is full of shit and evil to boot. This loving mother facade she likes to put on is far from the truth. In actuality shes just another stage mom who lives vicariously through her oldest daughter because her “girl group” never went anywhere past Galveston. People like to blame Matt but just like her ex she is very much to blame for the riff between Solo and Giselle and the DC drama.

    1. Veneers DONT cause bad breath. They are actually better than crowns (crowns you have to grind the teeth down). It must have been she had bad breath that day 🤣

    2. I believe that. She seems like she is probably the one to sponsor that ceremony in SF. I remember an interview where they said DC was girls time sang at her shop. All I could think of is the poor ladies under the dryer being held captive by aspiring singers and having to feign enthusiasm, just to get their hair done🤣🤣🤣

      1. 😂😂😂no really they were shoved down those women throats all they wanted was a hair due

    3. YESSS everyone blames Matthew Knowles but Tina never fooled me. I remember in one of their many documentaries. The rare and early one talked about Beyonce never being like in elementary school. As Tina was explaining why she said Beyonce had Sandy Brown hair 😒 then went on to say I don’t know what it was maybe it was because she was beautiful. But Solange being the free spirit that she is say everyone hates on the light skin pretty girl. Well to bust your bubble her classmates were white and black. And within the blacks their skintones ranged. So the best of the best (white, blue eyes, blonde hair) didnt hate on Beyonce she was never that likeable.

      Even as a kid she had a strange evil vibe about her you can even see in her beedy little eyes lol. Blue and Jules has her same eye aura where something isn’t right. I even watch this one couple of Youtube who have prothectic dreams and toward the end a voice said Giselle and Blue are evil. They also had a dream she never shows those twins because there not close. God is gonna use those twins to expose Giselle so they have Jesus covering on them. We all know how demonic she is so evil and light can’t hang.

      But back to Tina, I watched a compliation video on DC and Tina said as the girls are in the back changing Beyonce should sing these solo sings……….. I’m sorry but what group/team splits apart like some backup dancers. Kelly is not her bonus baby she’s the help and forever had a inferiority complex because it’s all about Bey. Tina looks every bit of a voodoo witch and you can tell she’s one of those Creole light skin women who thinks she’s better but never admit it. She plays the victim they judge me role. Another rumor in the streets is saying she was very rude and disrespectful to Matthews family. Yes his mom was color struck but Tina made fun of his family members.

      1. Yes Tina never fooled me either but I remember that documentary she said she never had friends and one day she went up to a lil girl cuz Gisselle was playing by herself and asked her why she don’t like Gisselle and the lil girl said she just don’t lol it was probably something she felt. Blue being evil damn I thought it would be her to expose her parents but no the twins yeah that’s double trouble.

  5. You know… I have heard for YEARS that old Bey breath was hotter than fire! 😂😂😂 Anyway.. this is some good tea here!

  6. I don’t really feel as tho Solange was jealous. From what I saw I think Beyoncé love the spot light just on her. if she feel like someone getting attention she does thing to stop them. I know Kelly and Latoya could of been bigger than they are as a solo artist.

  7. So G does ms.tina know what Giselle has done to herself …selling her soul , rituals etc….is she down with it……. also when is Giselle going to show them babies or better yet why hasn’t she

  8. Hey G!! Wtf is up with the twins being MIA? Is she waiting for someone to pay for a magazine cover shoot? Is something wrong? But Blue being in every photo op?? She’s always in between them, like she’s the glue that binds.

    1. My bet is she is protecting them bc of what happened to Blue. You know how people were talking about her hair and things of that nature? Beyoncé doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram, but she sees what’s going on. She lurks in other words. Lol

    2. I think she’s saving them for upcoming album promo… When she releases a new album….

      1. I believe she will show them on their first birthday in june. And you know she have to have nice photos to put on IG. Just like she did for their first Photoshop. All the flower in all clorols in the world. You know she think she the, God of God’s. When we see those twins again, everybody and every talks show on tv will be talking about her and the twins for a week. And they will worship her and those twins. Watch and wait for it.

    3. I think she will debut them on their joint tour coming up. I completely forgot those twins existed until this comment

  9. G no matter how many stories you put up of Giselle and her family we always want more and have more questions.

  10. G, do you know if something is wrong with Giselle mentally… I get sociopathic tendencies with her and Jay. They lack empathy for other people and apparently even her own sister.

    We all know she’s a narcissist. But I feel it goes beyond that.

  11. I think solange material is more raw than beyonce.. She mimicked her alot in the lemonade album..

    1. Yes. I think the same. She copies Solange a lot. Solange was the first to embrace her african heritage and to do braids and all that. She is the real artist of the family. Giselle is a perfect perfomer/ executor

  12. This is not the first time
    I heard Bey’s breath stunk and it back in the same time frame you mentioned. Wow.

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