August 16, 2022

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68 thoughts on “Blind PR Diaries I will tell you without telling you.

  1. First one definitely Tyra Banks.. The second one… I think has something to do with New Edition…idk… I’ll read through comments to see what everyone else thinks… Good tea

    1. Yes I was thinking Tyra when she started screaming at TIFF. The second one throwing me off.

  2. The 1st is def TPH..bcuz that dude she marrying 😒🤦🏽‍♀️…all types of receipts have been shown of his philandering..buuuuut the 2nd one ion kno..🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. Nope not TPH…Tyra..that rooting for you told it…but when it rains..must be NE..but whooo tho..

  4. 1 is def TPH

    2 has to be someone in NE because they have been around each other long enough to be friends before kids, be married and have kids old enough to be married. But who?

  5. For the second one…Ralph Tresvant does have two adult daughters and at least one of them, if not both, is married. Between the members of BBD and Bobby Brown, all of them, I believe, are married so that would fit when you include the “RAIN” clue. I’m a little thrown off by the “HE” clue, it has me wondering if the other friend could possibly be a married female. I don’t know…

  6. But it says “friend who is married” Johnny Gill is not married. Maybe it’s another member

  7. Look up rooting for you Memes it was something Tyra Banks said in one of her Americas next top model series

    and I’m kind of stumped on the second one too

    1. I think so too. She has the same initials as Tyra… Maybe “I’m rooting for you” is pointing towards that. 🤷🏾🤦🏾🤔

  8. Didn’t Tyra just got out of a relationship recently (sometime late last year?)…. TPH seems more believable…

  9. Definitely Taraji !!! I heard she was taking care of that man a long time ago.. she to geeked for that ring tho…

    1. It’s all over certain blog sites that his business is not so legal these days. That shade on K has been around since he and TPH were dating.

  10. If that second one is Ralph Tresvant and Booby brown, than yall can forget about any new tour!!!

  11. Aww man why’s it gotta be made so tough to figure out tho? Like I thought the whole purpose of the page was to avoid these challenges lol. I mean I know you can’t just give it up like that but why so difficult to decipher??

    1. because sometimes certain situations prevent me from coming out and saying but you guys are smart you will decode it and decoding is fun

    2. it really isnt hard to decipher at all thats why they are called blind items . You want me to just give you the answers?

  12. I think the first. One is Taraji and the second one Lil Wayne and Lucci , they were friends before and now Lucci dating Reginae , right? Just guessing

  13. The first one is definitely Tyra because of the “rooting for you.” The second one must be Ralph Tresvant and Bobby Brown. They were very close and now they aren’t.

  14. The first one I think is TPH … I don’t think it’s Tyra because didn’t her relationship end already ….. My first thought for the second one was NE

  15. Maybe Ralph tresvant and Bobby Brown daughter. Seems Bobby is the only one with grown kids. And the new group r.b.r.m. ?!?

  16. G, you are official… many people didn’t know about that 2nd one, I’ll let you tell it… it’s not hard but will be the shock of your life if she tell y’all “Rains” is a big big clue …

  17. I knew meek would be everywhere after he got out but wassup with jay z telling him not to go see trump

  18. No one wants to sleep with Bobby Brown, he looks a mess! It’s gotta be Ronnie, Ricky or Mike. They’re all married.

  19. I like the Kenya option… It definitely could TPH too for the first one… But Tyra is single now… But someone mentioned Serena… I’ve never heard of her paying for company… So idk… However second one.. I remember reading about this but I can’t put my fingers in guys in N.E. that was creeping… But Only other married man is my fave… Roni … Him and wife have twins recently. but I’m still stumped bc Bobbi Kris could have had a swing at someone before passing… Idk…

  20. The second one is clear it’s new edition members and she used RAIN in all caps. From the words in the paragraph I put together the lyrics of “can you stand the rain” 😁

  21. The first one is Porsha Williams. I read somewhere about her fiance/bd being a con man or something to that effect. I believe the 2nd one is Bobby and Ralph. May 16 is Ralph bday and thats when G first posted this. Ronnie and Mike have little kids and Ricky doesnt have kids at all. There was some old tea that Johnny had a baby with a newscaster in DC (back in the day-Sister to Sister magazine) but that was a son and he would most likely be a teenager now.

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