July 2, 2022

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32 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why Jay-z and Giselle Did Not Attend The Met Gala

  1. Can we get some sugar on Azealia Banks. I really want to see her win but she’s always in some mess 😩

    1. I want to know about her as well. She really is wasting her talent by always starting shit.

    2. Member I want that sugar too. Azealia Banks been during to much lately. She going off on people. I don’t think she’s done talking yet.

    3. But the real question is….was she wrong about what she said about Cardi B?!?! I still have not found a lie yet 😂😂😂😂

  2. G this has so much to do with Shawn Carter speaking Social Issues that have effected the Brown Communities…That shit pissed a lot of the Devil’s in Power.They want to expose everything they have allowed Shawn Carter to get away with now it’s finally coming out.Jay Z fucked up and they are about Hang him like they do every Brown Celeb that they give money to for selling out #IlluminatiShit

    1. I believe you’re on to something. I’m over here like so he is in a lawsuit for something that the elite usually does? Smh Chart manipulation is a normal thing for people who sell out.

    2. I thought about that too. And thise documentaries he got coming up. He’s getting too conscious. Beyonce is too, but I think they need another black man as a fall guy first, and then they going to hit her where it hurts.

  3. So what happens next today is the 15th…yeah I think goat Lucy is done with him and the Rocawear part is crazy I was reading this last week and said to myself see what you did to dame and now a bigger issue oh well #nextcaaasssseeee

  4. The plot thickens with these two. She really looks like she is over it all. She looks completely GONE.

  5. Whew lawd. This right here aint tea no more, it’s Hennessey Paradis and XO and White all in one. 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Wow. How do I make a personal request? I want the tea on if Fetty Wap is Alexis Sky baby daddy🧐

    1. I hate to say it but me too….he doesn’t claim the baby or acknowledge her anymore….after the reunion of lhhh i do think solo lucci might be in the running I think him and Alexis did have $ex and her baby is starting to favor his son…but many will say oh she is a preemie so she hasn’t grown into her looks but I wonder if fetty took a look at that child and felt that she wasn’t his or they did a DNA test any already know……..but this won’t be the first time this won’t be the first time he has taken care of another man’s baby look at Turquoise and her daughter that’s Fat boy sse or what ever his names daughter they look identical…but ferry claims that child so I wonder what ahonda did wrong ton get ferry to dismiss her…..

  7. Mr.Carter used to always say “men lie, women lie, numbers don’t”
    Well those numbers can be manipulated lol

  8. Like I said on IG…..Timing it will all come to light and start crashing down fast…I think the goat Lucy is setting up to deactivated them lips…I mean camel 😂🤣. Also they really screwed over Rihanna last album, I know they fucked with her numbers and that “so called” early leak b.s. from tidal. Now camel trying to start up a tv channel….thats not happening he too hot (Nobody wanna touch or go into business with).This man will go to jail…👀🍿

    1. It’s BIGGER than J or Giselle. They took Cosby out for trying to buy NBC🤷. They don’t mind if u make the money but u gotta play by the rules. When u start pushing for a seat at THEIR table it becomes a problem. Especially if u doing to much for ur people n not pushing THEIR agenda of drugs, sex, n ignorance. In that one on one interview he did a while back Jay made a statement bout them wanting “a rapper” in the room to draw attention to the deal on the table but not apart of the deal. I’m not a “fan” of them but it’s messed up how the elites want to be the ones owning n running OUR culture n take out OUR own for it🙏.

  9. I think those in control don’t like what he’s done with Tidal. Whether or not the numbers have been manipulated, have you ever noticed how Tidal is never named when people advertise that they have music streaming? Its always Apple Music, Spotify etc., etc. They want Tidal to go away, and it hasn’t. I also think they don’t like how much money and power with and control of Giselle. He better not try and buy a tv station, he will be finished for real. All the things he has done, but hasn’t been punished for will start coming out in the media.

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