July 6, 2022

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34 thoughts on “By Special Request The Truth Behind The New Edition Beef

  1. I remember reading about this. I would have thought that Biv would have been more savvy about owning the name. Hell… I thought they already owned it. I hate that this is happening. They are too mature in age for the bs. They have missed a tremendous opportunity that they may never get again. Sad. .. and I agree… How the hell did Cousin Johnny snake one from the NE brothers??!! 😧

      1. He sure did! I was blown when he posted that paperwork…. They need to chill out. I guess the chitlin circuit plays and residuals weren’t enough for Johnny’s ass. I’ll still be going to the concert with BBBD though..lol

    1. no but they had a lot of personal issues. The whole thing about that first child possibly being ralph ‘s and then a whole bunch of other shit. I have to dig into that ill find out

  2. I understand Ralph’s frustration. They did do him wrong. FACTS. Especially with how they brought Johnny Gill into the group.

    But baby, you a grown man. Ya’ll not kids no mo. Let the hurt go.

    Cuz I’m tired of the fans always suffering.

    Dag… Don’t nobody want to see ol non-singing bobby and Ricky on a tour and Ronnie is the rapper. And no Ralph or Johnny. The SINGERS. Come on.

  3. I’m devastated to hear this. New Edition are my all-time favorite group. The soundtrack to my childhood. Why in the world wasn’t their name trademarked YEARS AGO??? This sounds like some Otis Williams move in trademarking The Temptations name. I had hopes of seeing them in concert again. Oh well…

  4. There is no NE without Ralph… I don’t care.. I wouldn’t pay $.50 to see them perform without Ralph.

  5. My biggest issue is Mike not doing it?? How did that happen?? Johnny? Wow! Eddie..Stacy somebody come get him

  6. Johnny knows he was dead ass wrong! Let’s go back where Johnny was broke to the point he was going to Eddie Murphy getting money. Hmmmmm….Didn’t Johnny and Eddie low key messed around? And like G said, Johnny was the replacememt, not the original member. This is going to end bitting Johnny and Ralph both in the ass!

  7. Do I need to put in a special request for that NSync information or are you gonna post on the blog

      1. I just wrote it in the comments on ig,you or someone else that helps you with the page said you’ll look into it.i just wanted to know if your gonna cover it anytime soon or do I have to request it to get it sooner

  8. Bbd and Bobby Brown are the only ones I care to see anyways 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. Right! There are those of us that WILL spend money to see bbd and bobby. Its gonna be a party baby

  9. If Ralph sacrificed for his career for N.E., he made that choice. I thought right after that mini series concluded, that N.E. would’ve toured, while the momentum was strong last year. Touring would’ve generated income that Ralph needed. When they were young, Maurice Starr was the blame, now they’re their own worst enemy. They need to get it together.

  10. here’s a little John Gill agave…

    he also has a lot of financial issues due to drugs and bad early investments…… by tricking r@lph with false info about another NE group member ralph thought the other member’s loyalty was gone and threw their brotherhood out the window bcz of what John had told him and talked him into securing the trademark w/out including them on purpose… afterwards Gill’s financial issues started to get surprisingly better as the years went by… i wonder why……

    but you didnt hear this from me that -ish was REALLY _half crazy_

  11. It’s ridiculous I remember when Ralph, Johnny and Bobby were touring as Head of State and BBD were doing there own thing, at this stage of life they all need to sit down as grown men and settle this. Seriously how in the hell did they let Johnny I used to live in Eddie Murphy’s guest house we just homies Gill play them like that smfh. I was always shocked that Biv never thought to trademark after all the horrible deals they went through

  12. Imho fans y’all got it wrong. Johnny Gill and Ralph got the trademark because they could afford it. Ralph is making his coin as a radio personality and Johnny Gill makes his a solo artist who is touring and was never broke. Ralph knows what time it is in that industry, why leave a steady paycheck to go on tour and split the take 6 ways and the venues are not selling out. Only a fool would leave guaranteed money just to make fans happy smh. If BBD was making so much money why did it take Ronnie being married 10 years to start a family? His wife wasn’t no fool she needed that paycheck that could support a family of 4. Plus I don’t think Teyana Taylor will be there singing for Bobby Brown. What songs will the new group be singing on this tour? It probably won’t be New Edition songs and if it is why mess up the legacy with no lead singers no disrespect to Ricky Bell

  13. Wow that’s crazy somebody should’ve been trademarked the name especially the one that came up with it first not Johnny out of all the people Johnnu is banking on this ? They can’t get along just for the tour for the fans for once? Damn do it for your fans cause with out US y’all wouldnt be here is

      1. Please go into the deal with Diddy and Johnny LSG and Eddie Murphy rumor, BBD and how the heck out of all of them Mike is worth more them all of them 40 mill really? Something smells fishy, lots of sugar…

  14. This is so crazy & now the guys are going on tour as #RBRM the day after the Bobby Brown movie premieres

    Ralph truly is “mr sensitive” & has been the easiest to manipulate in the group depending on who has beef with whom at a given time

    Johnny is being messy on IG saying the trademark only affects the “active” members like he doesn’t still tour & went & did LSG as well so he wasn’t always all bout New Edition either

    Then someone from one of the blogs is in Artemus comments spreading a rumor about Bobby & Ralph that hasn’t been confirmed/founded to be true that could really destroy some ppl & if true why is BBD caping so hard in the interviews with Bobby?

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