September 30, 2022

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30 thoughts on “As We Said Month ago Ariana Grande and Mac Miller Split up

  1. Someone said Sebastian stan lol, I was thinking Justin Bieber but she hates him lmfao. She use to date the weeknd too so you never know lol.

  2. Am I the only one who wishes they could go “ undercover “ and soak up mad info? Some “ fly on the wall” shit smh I got my popcorn though

  3. They might make her date someone who work for a music labels or someone who own a music label. Maybe a well known song writer/ producer. Remember MC first husband is a powerful man, in the music industry. And he is a devil. Adriana going to be with someone with a lot of power.

    1. Yeah, we need this tea. As tamera said out of her own mouth, her sister chased her down because she was talking on the phone with Adam. Sound like something my friends would do if they didn’t want me talking to someone that was BAD for me. Like usually cheating, whatever but someone who was abusive, na they don’t fuck with that.

  4. Why do the elites insist on trying to replace people who nowhere near match the talent of the people they are replacing. There is only one Mariah. I honestly don’t get the big deal and I don’t think I know one of her songs either lol.

  5. I see the replacement being Logic, since it’s alleged he’ll be the Eminem activation and he broke up with his girl recently too.

  6. You think they gonna pair her with Chadwick? But, dang i wish you can speak more on the rituals.

  7. i have to ask, out of topic, but is there something more behind lauren and camilla (from fifth harmony), dating these guys almost 10 year older than them…they did not look that part in the group…

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