October 6, 2022

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19 thoughts on “The Truth Show Speaks On The Rituals Inside The Met Gala

  1. I feel like I’m going to have demons watch me sleep after hearing that crap in the video 🙄

  2. This is very sad and sick. I don’t know why they all can’t get along. They all worship the same devil. And they all going to hell to be with their Lord goatface.

  3. Are we witnessing Donald Glover’s coming out party (i.e. SNL, Met Gala with the all seeing eye on the back, music video, etc.)

  4. Wow! Just wow! I too got chills watching all this evil mess. What they think is so glorious on earth they will miss out in heaven. I too will be turning to bible after this. To know ppl won’t wake up from these false idols & stop fighting in comment section over these idiots is even sadder. This crap is being put in ppls faces more & more these days & they are still blind to the truth about these false idols. They’ll grab their phone to get the latest lie over grabbing their bibles. What a world we live in.

  5. I mean is it really blasphemous considering the fact that the Catholic Church itself is demonic and evil?

  6. I needed a good night sleep last night so I couldn’t even watch the whole video. Got freaked out.

  7. Madonna gave a beautiful performance. I don’t understand why everyone is afraid of everything.

  8. I can’t take her explanation seriously. She’s almost got it but … Her references to Beyonce and who the people are conjuring up ..not conquering.. like she keep saying… We’re opinion based..not factual or logical… G explained it best in the previous Post. Check out the ” call for an uprising ” YouTube channel, “the black child ” , and “the vigilant Christian” YouTube channels for be accurate and indepth info on such topics. If y’all want. But hey do you but if you don’t do anything else get in The word of giG and spend time in building a relationship with him because these demons are for real on assignment looking for weak Christians with no relationship with Christ who don’t know their own power. Stay in prayer and on guard peeps.

  9. I remember years ago when i was a little girl maybe 8. I went to the library in Chicago. That’s were my mom worked. I would type in the search box to look up books how to be famous and all this witchcraft books came up.

  10. Gotta through all of this evil sh!t, sell your soul, just for a few years of beauty, riches and fame… Just doesn’t make much sense to me.

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