July 2, 2022

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38 thoughts on “The 2018 Met Gala The Theme Praises to The Catholic Church

  1. Letitia Wright posted several videos from inside the ball. Or am I wrong is that the part where phones are allowed?

      1. She was in black panther. She played his little sister. She’s been posting pics and vids all day. Go to her ig maybe you can identify where they’re taken. It’s @hername like I spelled above.

  2. Catholic Church known for pedophilia and molestation but they paying homage smfh. I have no respect for thise people that attended and played along with that theme. Blind leading the blind.

  3. This is some scary shit and my mind can imagine all the devil type shit that was going on. Also I seen some videos of people going to after parties…..notice anything off about them 🤔 just saying.

  4. Very scary & sad. The things these ppl are willing to do for fame & money is very sad. At the end of the day when they are killed off & or leave here, they can’t take any of those millions / billions to hell w/ them. Playing w/ God is not something to play with. These ppl will pay the ultimate price in the end, wow. Laugh now, cry later

  5. This is scary seeing as I used to work at the Met Museum so I assume the big wiz over there knows what goes on. Also, the Astor family were huge donors of the Met. Aren’t the Astor’s one of the Illuminati family?

  6. I put nothing past these celebs now. They are sad and even worse poor Cardi B posing with her hands around her stomach as if she is offering them her unborn baby! If something ends up happening to that baby we all know the truth!!!!

    1. Remember Miley told Nicki to ” play nice: that is all she is doing notice she didn’t t post that picture on her page just like that time Amber and Kim took a pic together. At that illuminati ball they want everyone to co exist . Just like katy and rihanna had a little falling out but even they were snapping pics

    2. Sandra Rose said “Cardi promised to check in with Nicki before making any moves — bloody or otherwise.” 💀

  7. All I’m thinking is where was Bey & Jay 🤔 it’s usually all about the making an entrance … wellnot so much him but her.

  8. Madonna performed. Tiffany Haddish was doing Instagram stories from the inside and Letitia Wright (besides Black Panther she was in the last episode of this seasons Black Mirror, watch it, it’s good) It looked like the Black stars that attended stuck together. It also looks like the rules about social media were relaxed. I think Giselle and Jay didn’t attend because the SEC has been trying to subpoena Jay. The MET gala would have been the perfect time to get him. Today his attorneys were in court. There were paparazzi and news trucks all over trying to get a photo but he wasn’t there.

  9. We’re their significant others invited. None of the black panther clan had their significant others like Chadwick. I only saw a handful of significant others there.

  10. Madonna performed. There were lots of videos on ig so Idk that it’s secretive. Kim k basically recorded all of it singing along. I thought it was an interesting theme.

    1. the cell phones had to be approved you got to see some of madonna and the photo shoots but none of the ceremony

  11. Now G when you say “you are sworn to secrecy” Are you saying you took the oath? Because if you took the oath wouldn’t that mean you can’t get out of the industry? 🤔🤔

  12. If anybody is into Tarot cards youll notice it seems some celebs were dressed as the “Trump” cards in the deck this yr.

    The Devil- Nicki Minaj
    Star- Sza
    Empress- Cardi B
    Death- Zendaya
    High Priestess- Rihanna

  13. All of the a/a representatives who attended were invited to see how they roll. They haven’t made a choice and stuck together to show solidarity…the movie made over a billion dollars…there’s more of us taking over cable and television and some others after eating humble pie were finally given consent to enter the velvet rope.

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