September 29, 2022

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53 thoughts on “PR Diaries The Stories We Used To Whisper About On Them Pr Streets

    1. That is what I was thinking . She is so beautiful and talented but she let him put her career in the can smh . She had so much potential

    1. Step up 2, honey 3 and the perfect match. She’s beautiful but not really a good actress..maybe if he would get her some acting classes lol

    1. Oh ok thanks . I’m from France ryan leslie is not really famous here. The only song that some people know of him is Guardian angel

  1. I just YouTube cassie & her WHATEVER you wanna call him on 106th and park. Yap that’s them & I’m buying the book its on Amazon called bling..G you the BESTTTTTT

    1. I just saw the the clip on youtube, his body language got all crazy when the male host was holding her hand.

      1. Yessssss and peep her when he starts talking he looked like he really owned her. Smh

  2. I feel like Diddy doing this because she reminds him of jlo and he refused to let another get away. He’s a bitch some men are too jealous of women.

  3. i see what you did there…. and yes he (S3an a man of many Combs) pays an employee who i wont mention becz they are still on the payroll….. to search and report back ANY type of blog, gossip or mainstream media about him or his children and the women in his life….
    spot on tea i’ll keep my agave on this one thou

  4. Definitely Diddy and Cassie
    I’m unaware of these books though I need to look into them

  5. I remember reading the reason she started the half shaved head thing was bc he ripped her hair out…plus they had a Fab/Emily B-type situation last year (I think her mom got involved) but they’re still going strong..,

  6. Diddy and Cassie… I remember a story about him cutting her hair and beating the shit out of her in the back of a limo

  7. G I wonder what happy to beyonce and j at the met this year, I didn’t see any photos of her.

  8. What was Erica’s cause of death. The wiki page on her says her cause of death was never released to the public.

    1. that is why it was so much talk about it because remember she was Kimora’s best friend so she was known around the industry and knew EVERYTHING about Def Jam and arista

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