July 1, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Pr Diaries The Stories We Used To Whisper About On These Pr STreets

  1. So you’re saying Prince slept with Marvin Gaye’s daughter (Nona) and his wife ( Jan). Hmmmmmmm..

  2. I wonder if Marvin bowled from both lanes (as you call it)? I’m not shocked about Kenny. You could see that he was a lil sweet from miles away, why Chante was blind to that fact is beyond me. It seems to me a lot of men who are afraid to come out & in relationships with women, are abusive. Not all but some. However, I’m no professional, it’s just my opinion. (not necessarily a fact)

  3. Damn! Debbie is a pussy snatcher… Lol.

    I suspected Kenny swing both ways for years now. Not surprised it’s true.

  4. I alwsys thought Kenny was gay simce I first laid eyes on him. I remembered being shocked when I heard he married Chanté.
    As for Debbie, was she threatening them of their jobs if she didnt eat their snatch lol ::gag::. I hope her sister didnt partake in hollywoods freak nic. Hollywood is digusting.

  5. I knew Kenny and Chanté was never a good match. She said it herself Kadeem will always be her baby. Now, I remember Marvin and Jan situation. Teddy and Marvin had some words and almost came to blows!

  6. G what I can’t Understand is that if it’s a part of their ritual to deal with other celebs for their A list celebrity status, you know for the constant money and fame why is it a problem if another star is trying to deal with their significant other outside the rituals if they technically already cheat on one another, I just don’t get it

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