July 2, 2022

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288 thoughts on “Suggestions. What Do You Want To Know About?

  1. I went to a tidal concert and heard a young lady by the name of Jesse Reyes perform. She has a particular song called Gatekeeper which put me in the mind of you and what you been saying about the industry taking advantage of young artists. Have you heard her music before? Is there any information on her?

  2. Also, if you can get any tea on the This is Us cast, that would be great. It’s a hit show on NBC with Sterling K. Brown being the breakout star.

    1. Any Justin Hartley tea… Some say he cheated on his ex-wife Lindsay Hartley. They starred on the soap opera Passions back in the day.

  3. Beyonce Twins ? Why haven’t pictures leaked? What happened to the son who said Jay Z was his father? Who did Tiffany Haddish sacrifice?

  4. Can you do Janet Jackson? Who has she sacrificed? And her father? The Jackson’s basically…

  5. Fifth Harmony girls as possible replacement for several artist, especially lauren, camilla (they be dating these older guys, which i think is out of character) and normani as giselle’s possible replacement… am i reaching????

  6. Marvet Britto… I’ve heard several stories about her running through the industry since the 90s (Def Jam). What’s the real tea and how does she still manage to convince ppl she’s legit?

  7. Gina, I was just talking to my brother about that drama with the clippers owner Sterling and his side chick Steviano. Was that a setup by his wife?

    1. Jersey Shore Cast. Also, YouTubers Ryan’s Toy Review kid, there’s a family called Funnel Family/FGTEEV and their logo is a cartoon character with one eye covered.

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