July 2, 2022

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19 thoughts on “The Truth behind The Secret Talk Between Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj

  1. Do parents really just drop their kids off to grown men? Waving from the car like “like have a good visit”? 🙄 anything for money I guess.

    1. Yes the demented ass money hungry ones, that will sell their kids souls do.. Sickening isn’t it?

    2. Lol ‘waving from the car’ but really as a parent how do you just give your kid to these evil people?!?!🤔… no amount of money is worth it. Your kids shouldn’t even be left alone with these people. And the sad thing about it is the kids are so young when they start out 😔

    3. Its crazy that Billy Ray did that cuz he had a stellar career as a country star. Money really the root of all evil

    1. Djbhk I think that’s the baby that she was rumor to have gotten ride of. That was a rumor I’m not sure she was ever pregnant. I still want to know more about that story. And people thought she was pregnant with Nas baby. That was a rumor too.

      1. Either way, that’s sad. I know this is the point in her life where she wants kids, but career wise it wouldn’t be a good move for her.

  2. I really think she was pregnant with meek baby too and when rumors got out it was said to be nas baby but nah it was Meeks. Miley is mature for that.

    1. Brim Nas really wanted to have a baby with Nicki. But he ex wife wasn’t having it. See wouldn’t let him see his son, because his was with Nicki. He love her even though people didn’t won’t them together. Nas and Nicki was going to take things to another level. Ex wife trying to destroy him now.

      1. Smh the ex wife remarried and with a new child tf she must walk over him too. if she happy this shouldn’t be happening. Why can’t he move on didn’t you?!

      2. Thats why Kelis coming out with these stories of abuse is such bullshit.

  3. What if she been off media cuz she had a baby? That was ennough time to give birth cuz her titties been bothering me they’re all big n juicy I thought she went n got em done again but they look all swole n milky nstead of hard plastic look 🤷🏽‍♀️ U never know fucking with these celebs

  4. That was very ignorant of her, Im not even in the industry and I knew the connections Miley dad has, Nicki deserved Watever she asked 4

  5. It’s weird how Miley didn’t do much but still gain popularity. All she does is try to adopt black culture and disrespect.

    1. Hannah Montana wasn’t much?? Come on she earned it. And her music before her wanna be black days wasn’t bad.

  6. Nicki said she need her coins so she gon apologize to the lil country girl lmao…I still dont fuck w Mileys “diet racism” (look it up)

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