October 6, 2022

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55 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Jennifer Lopez Blood Rituals

  1. I always wanted to know about her divorce from Marc Anthony, they are like the king and queen of PR. I always thought he cheated on her. Damn I want this book to be released. But Gina, what do you mean she uses the rituals for breakups? For her to get out the relationship? Why didnt she make Ben Affleck marry her, since she loved him so much?

  2. Woo, I really like her. She just as dangerous as modonne and Queen Beyonce and Jay.z. I know most of Hollywood stars are into black magick. I had know ideal Jlo was that deep in the that craft. I heard the rumors last year about her sacrificing little girls. I just didnt believe that. But after reading this, I kinda believe she does. If so this is sad. All of the stars have to sacrifice someone to keep their fame and riches. But killing little girls is sick and she has a daughter. If this is true, Jlo have to go away. Some have to stop her.

  3. Didnt they show Gunplay from LHHH Miami practicing Santeria on the show? But what they showee didnt seem anything like this. I wonder if if it is two sides to it, like black and white magic?

    1. I’m not Santerian so I can’t say 100% but I’ve always understood it to be a religion that has its roots in both traditional African spirituality and Catholicism with quite a heavy use of ritual and magick. Which in my opinion is in every religion to some degree. I think like with anything it’s abut the intention, so you can use it for good or you can use it for evil.

      1. Thank you for saying this! I’m not intiated into Santeria either but I know quite a few people who are and it’s exactly like you said, it’s all in the intention like everything else. As a matter of fact, the folks I know will tell someone quick about the dangerous price of trying to do dark magic to folks.

    2. There is always two sides. Good and bad white and black. Most bangers in Miami practice for protection. Gunplay walked away from a life sentence. Most police don’t believe it cause they still get the guys in jail but honestly I think it’s not the sentence they want or they walk away period. You can’t tell me it doesn’t exist. Back in the day Miami girls who aren’t santieros would run away cause they like doing love spells on pretty girls. So like I said two sides.

  4. Wow, I’m shocked. I know she’s not the most talented person but I always quite liked her. But you know what, maybe that’s why she can’t keep a man because karma is still coming for her arse

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised especially if you really follow her career path and the sudden spike ! The black magic part isn’t to hard to believe either because shit even I know people who still practice voodoo in my own family and they still live in the south . And they are all one in the same depending on your intentions the magic is black or white .
    This still blows minds though because I’m just wondering does anyone follow there real talent anymore

  6. The part I am tripping on is how Jennifer is practicing Santeria, but won’t look in a mirror let alone, had her assistant sleeping in the same bed with her because she is scared to sleep by herself! WTF????!!! Yes! I remember a video on YouTube where majority of celebrities do not have mirrors in their homes due to what they see in them. But Jennifer damn sure had her assistant sleeping in the same bed as her. Poor lady.

      1. No mirrors because if they saw themselves it would be themselves without the magic. The REAL jlo There’s always a catch to black magic

      1. J Lo was the first one to not have the mirrors, but she definitely had her assistant sleeping in the same bed as she. Jennifer was scared to sleep by herself.

      2. It’s crazy cuz a lot of the things I heard about when I was child and was curious about is coming out then I say I knew it was as something

  7. Her and bey remind me of each other for some reason but I heard about jlo doing some stuff and started looking at her different. Now I see how she lasting.

    1. They are 1 in the same. Except Beyonce’s whole family does it. It’s rumored Solange does hoodoo. Bey is into Oshun and the Yoruba religion.

      1. That’s why Solange has a auto immune disease. That shit fucks with your health. My grandma allegedly used voodoo to hurt ppl. Let’s just say she had a painful death bed experience. I even had a dream she went to hell.

  8. I believe all of this. The Ben Affleck relationship always seemed like a major power move on her behalf. He was so not her type but he was a Hollywood Golden Boy at the time & if you knew of Ben Affleck before “Bennifer” he was a pure bred white boy that only dated white chicks just as boring as him. J.Lo definitely had a spell on him and had him on a tight leash that his own BFF Matt Damon couldn’t even slap sense into him (he desperately wanted to).

  9. I do know in everything there is good and bad. Santeria is used as a protection, but the dark side is deadly. Sacrifice of blood is something to be considered about. My opinion. ALL on top practice something. Disney could be Disney without magic, so do the math…

  10. I like how you didn’t make black magic evil. That’s how I know you know your stuff. It can be used for evil but it’s modtly used for good

  11. alright i brought this little 2oz bottle of agave to share with the sugar babies so i will leave it here

    back in the living color days when jenn! was a fly girl maybe her first season my aunt worked with the production team on ‘LC’ and says she was a really sweet girl with a good sense of humor but always had this intense energy about her that my aunt says she couldnt put her finger on…… until one day they were running behind during a rehearsal before a taping and the lead fly girl at the time had gotten a really sudden illness and couldnt perform and they needed another flygirl to step in and jen volunteered herself so afterwards my aunt says some girls would leave asap others would linger and jenn! was one to linger and be social but after this particular rehearsal my aunt said she recalled jenn! carrying a small object in her hand around the stage and saying words under breath along with standing in the middle of the stage w/out her shoes and pretending she would be reciting lines from some of the material but she was actually repeating chants and ritual spells used by santerians…… my aunt says the next day it was as if the energy on set had shifted and jen began to get more and more exposure on the show as time went on…..my aunt also told me she had a tendency to be barefoot some of the time and kept a necklace she would place on top of her shoes during down time and the crew use to make jokes about it to jenn! but my aunt says the repetitiveness of her doing it over and over was what caught her attention

    now im not saying she was using santeria back then….

    but hey if the shoe fits right………..

    1. wow fits everything i have heard about jlo i only met her 2 times she was not that receptive the 2nd time I do like j lo however but these things seem to keep coming up about her and u really confirmed a lot

  12. Well if she’s sacrificing people to stay young it’s not working because without makeup she looks manly and not pretty at all she’s a true catfish. I’m not shocked by any of this

    1. Haha my friend works in production for American idol and said she literally wears 10 pounds of makeup and looks hella old. He was funny telling me this and of course I was defensive because I was a sheep back then

      1. I have to agree with your aunt. Go to YouTube and pull up that video, “On The Floor by her and PitBull. Look where she is sitting in the V.I.P. by herself. Look at all that makeup on her.

  13. But isn’t her brand deactivated or about to be deactivated? Lol so all those poor children (allegedly) and poor animals and you still are on your way out? Selling yourself to the devil never works in the long run god always prevails 💁🏽

    1. Imlilperry I thought so was deactivated too. Be she keep wining and looking better and better the old she gets. People she want to she her perform.

      1. I wish Kat Deluna takes her place. Although it’s all unfortunate, at least she can sing

  14. Ehhh …. the sacrifices must have limits because although she’s the highest paid latina she still scores way behind payscale. Also, hosting a dance show and her tv show and movies leave alot to be desired. WOD is not a jumpstart on her career it allows her to be stagnant. If you’re killing babies I expect you to be killing the screen

  15. I’m not too familiar with Santería, I thought it was more like asking the saints for protection, not too sure tho bc I heard of animal sacrifices but the Bible had that as well so idk 🤷 But I do know what brujería is and that is black magic. Spells, curses, potions… it’s definitely very real and dangerous. Real life witchcraft. Scary stuff.

  16. I knew something had to be up, in my opinion her singing sucks 😳 never understood how she made it compared to others.

  17. Yes we have good witches and bad witches in PR my aunt is a bruja and all this sounds very real to me …however dark magic comes with a price and a very high one to that….

  18. So she was Cardi B to Mariah Carey?… a low talent replacement from a tv show chosen by the elites? I’m not sure if any of Cardi’s people practice witchcraft, but she has family from two Caribbean islands…. so I wouldn’t doubt that someone worked on her behalf…as well as the elites *shrugs*

  19. so I grew up around sanitaria and Jlo probably does do that many Puerto Ricans do but that dark magic of kids bloods…. no you forced it. yes the rituals are to kill chickens and goat and whatnot, but it doesn’t make her satanic. with the recent hurricane in Puerto rico. Jlo and marc Anthony kept the island up floats with donations. She loves her culture and sanitaria is part of it. it is a form of witchcraft and religon but like someone said you can use it for good or bad. from I noticed in history is ppl fear what they do not understand. When I went to cuba w/two friends one grew up on hoodoo, I on sanitaria, and one was a Christian. omg she was scared, that’s cause she had no exposure to it and fears it. yet me and my hoodoo friend were ecstatic about Cuba and very excited to meet brujos. went to a energy cleansing party with a man possessed with the spirit and drums. best experience ever! since the cleansing party I’ve had no anxiety and luck on luck on luck. it is real and if practiced can benefit you in many ways. its all under God too which many ppl do not understand.

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