October 1, 2022

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20 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Roseanne Barr Back In Hollywood After Exposing It

    1. If you have time look through the old post or YouTube it it’s a lot of information so you will be able to understand I had to take a break on research I was having some scary dreams

  1. G I know we ask for a lot but please can you cover the yodeling kid I just saw a pic with him and he got the horns up.

  2. I remember Roseanne gave a S/O to Tommy Sotomeyer about him being the funniest man on YouTube. But who’s the butt of his jokes…..cough cough (black women). I stopped watching and respecting Roseanne after that so who cares.

  3. I didn’t watch the show i believe in it she is a trump supporter and it seems in Hollywood it’s shift going on trump is like the new thing and a lot of old head elite people are getting in trouble like a take over or something and maybe i was thinking because she is pushing this trump agenda on the show that’s why she is backed. That’s what thought i don’t know where trump falls but it seems the media is painting him bad and yet a lot of others are getting exposed like a war is going on for power or something

  4. Sarah Gilbert from the Talk was actually the one get folks together for the reboot. But Roseanne dis say she put alot of stipulations out there.

  5. Someone mentioned she’s able
    To one back because she’s a trump supporter and that helped. Idk for sure or did any background digging but that seems a good reason also.

  6. I just watched a youtube video on this topic and the guy had clips of people saying that smoking weed breaks the mind control. I guess similar to the flash in Get Out. I wonder….

  7. I was wondering why did she come back, too. She torn the industry to pieces back in the day although she sound crazy back then. Now, we know about the mind simulations…

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