July 2, 2022

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24 thoughts on “The Dark Secrets Of Nas and Kelis Marriage part 2

  1. #receipts and all G . Swizz is bae lol . But wow it just sucks now because from what I see Nas has always been private . The way she just put it out , it’s like being pushed in-front of a train . She literally threw him under the bus . Like you said if your going to tell just go ahead in air the shit out and deal with it . Idk I’m wondering what he’s going to come out and say about it . R.I.P to toxic relationships!

  2. Why they even get married? Good god! I don’t like how she has him put on front street. That’s not right. It’s been years and all you are hurting is they child you have together.

  3. Dang.. this is sad. I actually liked them together and had no idea. I’m.glad they got away from each other. Yikes!

  4. This sounds so real. Especially the fact that she liked it. They both did. The make up sex can be addicting ! She basically said all of this. That they would get stupid high and drunk and then it would start. I could totally see Nas trying to man handle her Bc she is y’all. Shit he need to manhandle me, I’m short and a little rough 🙋🏾‍♀️

  5. Now G air out Nas dirty laundry, cause we know damn well he wasnt only cheating with Carmen.

    I think many ppl only tuned in too Kelis interview to hear the Nas hit her part, because she focused on being a parent mainly and Wat she went thru right after giving birth to they’re son & once again Kelis story is very similar to wat Carmen claims in her book when she had they’re 1st daughter Destiny.

    Kelis has NEVER done such an intimate interview let alone speak on NAS so let her speak her truth

    1. Umm Did I not say He was Cheating with some unknown actresses in hollywood? If i don’t metion the names that mean Im not sure However I said they cheated on each other

  6. So Kelis loved the relationship so much she packed her shit & only left her wedding dress & filed for divorce?

    U really painting Nas to be the victim huh

  7. You just confirmed everything that’s been be said for years about them. Being very toxic for each other. But no I did not know EVE was having threesomes with them 😨😱

  8. disclaimer….. I don’t condone violence against women…. but I’ve always felt like Kelis was full of ****. Ever since their divorce she has shown and continued to show her true colors. But again I don’t know either one personally…. but something about her always rubbed me the wrong way.

  9. 🤭 I don’t see how people can get married and just be open with swinging. For all that you can just stay single.

  10. Well since were talking about SWINGERS G, do u know about MARVIN GAYE & JAN GAYE? That whole marriage was a mess!! He started messing with her when she was 17(?) while married to Barry Gordys sister. Jan and Marvin ended up getting married, while having three somes to everybody in the music industry . She was with Teddy Pendergrass , Frankie Beverly, and sooo many. And how MG3 is parents are MG and Anna Gordy neice who was only 15 when MG impregnated her. MG3 is the biologic Sister of Bianca Lawson, the daughter of Richard Lawson, that’s married to Tina Lawson (Giselle’s mother). And how his father who inspired him and despised him, and ultimately killing him was also a crazed cross dresser.

  11. REALLY starting to come to the conclusion Nas aint packin. Homegirl was goin MAD HARD to have threesomes. Usually its the dude goin hard in the paint.

  12. This was basically exactly what I got from her interview. She said they fought each other and were drinking and whatnot

  13. Kelis is miserable, and she dont want nas to be happy even now. Hence y she tried to keep nas from seeing their son, just bcuz he was happy and moved on smh

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