July 2, 2022

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37 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Kelis Claiming Nas Was Abusive

      1. Yesssss omg my cousin a Leo it’s like the switch is constantly off and on omg it’s not even funny especially when it’s with a dude they involved with omg

  1. Kelis just need to go away. And worry about that husban of hers. She so bitter, her new man must not have enough money to take care of her. She should have married a rich man then. And why the hell she bring Nicki Minaj name into this mess. Nicki dont have nothing to do with this shit, she has enough problems of her own to worry about. Kelis is an asshole for this shit.

  2. I believe she is an older Rihanna fight first ask questions later. She better hope Nas doesnt come with his hoe receipts( i doubt it) hell give the tea to Azalea Banks she’ll run with it and his hands wil stay clean

  3. Kelis sounds like a single mother that struggled but found her way. Its sooo dismissive & easy to label her “bitter”, but besides the physical abuse she experienced, she connected with many women because her main complaint as a parent was “You don’t get to be m.i.a then come and try to regulate”, But many watch & listened & others heard Wat they wanted.


    You left out Kelis admitted they hit each other & Carmen wrote in her book about Nas being abusive and having erratic behavior at times. Both women cant be lying……

  4. Thisman dedicated a whole album telling us about their relationship. If you go back and listen to “Bye Baby” from his Life is Good album, he tells alot. She had some hidden demons. I honestly think he was defending himself if there were any actions on his part. I never heard of him getting into physical altercations with anyone, male or female in the past. I think she might be bitter on some things and trying to tarnish him.

  5. Both ways…she provoked and poked that Virgo man til he was already to knock her lights out. It doesn’t change how I feel about him. LOVE me some him❤

  6. I’m thinking it goes both ways but she probably definitely started it. She looks low key evil & cray cray. Well let’s not forget caught out there…lol Shawty was letting us know then. That song was the crazy girls anthem. And to not let the man see his kid & keep dragging him to court…sheesh! Best of luck to Nas.

  7. First of all, goalssss for Solange. Everyone knows Nas is her fave rapper Ever so that’s hilarious and cool that she fucked him. Second, Nas first baby momma made similar complaints of abuse. Often, the abused abuses. It seems it was an overall toxic relationship. My cousin is in abusive relationship and its turnt her into a desperate and harsh person as a result of it.

    1. Yes. I agree with you on this. To be open for a second, I feel like after the abuse I went through, I became very mean and angry. Trying to let that go but sometimes I rationalize it.

  8. I bekieve shexwas the agressor in the brhing n nas wudvdegend himself untill over time he started hitting her too

  9. Thier whole situation is sad and honestly I’m not for he shouldn’t hit women. I hate when people say that you shouldn’t hit anyone period male or female need to keep thier hands to themselves. It sounds like thier relationship was toxic. They definitely were not meant for each other.

  10. They hit each other. She admitted it in the interview. I’m more concerned with if it’s true he allowed their house to get foreclosed on, and if he wasn’t paying his child support until recently. Nas is a Venture Capitalist, that shit should not have happened.

  11. When I met th he was not nice to her at all and I can believe he hit her. She may of defended herself to him. But being up close with them their dynamic makes it easy for me to believe she was abused

  12. She had fun watching him suffer and was extremely spiteful…. I remember hearing how mean she was to him when they split.
    You know how sometimes u wanna change someone and wish they’d change and be who u want them to be bc then the relationship would be so great? Well I feel like that was him and she was not budging.

  13. Nas baby mother before Kelis wrote a book and said he was abusive. I feel like people like to make excuses or saying Kelis lying just to save faces. When no of us really know her truth.

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