July 5, 2022

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48 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Who Jigga Does Not Want Giselle Alone With

  1. I wondered if Laurent was gonna be on this list especially with him and Larry reconnecting with her for Coachella. Now all of a sudden Laurent is in his feelings acting very single again and ignoring his chick back in Paris.

    1. So he did but that hug she gave him and how he was dancing closer and closer to her than Larry. And how she blushed when they hugged. Thought I was seeing things! Lol

    2. Laurent will tell you in a minute he’s single. Jess the chick in Paris is used to it. Lau is dramatic as hell

  2. At this point ……. I would want a separation from him take my kids and bounce …….it would take.some planning but I would do it go in hiding….. I get.mix signals from her mom is Tina a handler too?

      1. I was on her ig pg and someone in the comments said why you don’t post solange as much as bey. And started going through and noticed it myself.

      1. Cuz they mom annoying as shit lol I wonder why though I feel like solange get in all they shit no matter if it’s mom or dad she just doesn’t care

    1. I didn’t think that before but now I do. Especially after I read that book from DC’s former vocal coach. Matt may get all the heat for everything but Tina is just as low down. Solange being the ignored one isn’t too far fetched.

      1. Yep that makes me think no wonder she had the baby early and got tf away from them they look at her like she crazy when they the power drive ones and even after Tina divorced Mathew I see she opening up now Mathew broke her now she on ig doing what she always wanted but years ago she probably turned her nose up to the women cuz she thought she had it made until her perfect image got ruined.

  3. So he doesn’t want drake around her because he sees himself in drake except drake is younger and more handsome and jay is not. Just like drake will fuck your bitch regardless of who she is so will Jay 😂 He got some nerve viewing him as “disrespectful” like he squeaky clean or something haha

    1. Yes I agree! I knoe Bey is on Drake’s bucket list of women he’d like to sleep with J knows better!!

      1. I heard drake knows how to lay the pipe.. so jay is nerves.. virgo women are very friendly sometimes

  4. I just want her to just do it. Just one time!!! Or three or four times. Lol. Just because you can’t keep being put on loan when he wants. She should want to loan herself out when she wants. And that hot French dancer would be first in my opinion. She changes in 5 seconds during concerts. She can catch him for 15 seconds lol. Childish I know but still! But honestly Drake is hot, Lebrom is hot, the French twin is hot, Usher is hot but he has herpes so Issa no lol.

  5. Well Giselle said it herself. Imma help you build up your account that’s a good look. When you in them big meetings for the millions it takes me just to compliment the deal –Upgrade You.

  6. I gotta remember that she’s not as innocent as she looks. Sometimes it’s easy to feel bad for her but she has her flaws too.

  7. I remember a story I ran across about Jigga sending Giselle to PRINCE, so Giselle could talk him into partnering with TIDAL STREAMING…I wonder if anything sexually happened between the two❓…

    1. By the time he did prince was already a jehoavah witness if he would have sent her to purple rain prince? jay would not have a wife right now lol

  8. Im a huge twins fan and Laurent is her favorite between the twins as he has the better dance connection with her. He lives and breathes “monster” what he calls her and she has always paid the most attention to him. So whether he was shook or not it hasn’t stopped her from reaching out and still showing him as her favorite.

  9. There programmed relationship is a whole mess…lies, handlers, drugs, cheating, pimping your wife out to get “lucrative deals”, sold there souls to the devil, surrogate rumors….oh so much more. Any tea on her body guard I know she sat on it one time 😌

  10. I learned something new. I never knew about Lebron & Cousin Angie having a fling. Gina any tea on Lebron & his side pieces. People claim he’s clean but he’s an NBA player it’s imbeded in them to cheat 😩😂😂😂

  11. Giselle is nasty as hell to wanna mess with LeBron if her cousin Angie had him first. And I’m guessing this is AFTER he got married. Them 1st cousins ain’t no good with pillow talk about a man lol.

  12. This is some funny shyt. Jigga got a lot
    of nerve. He will fuck anything that will have him and he’s clocking who Beyoncé talks to? Whatever. I feel like she flirts here and there on purpose to keep him on his toes. Don’t think she would ever cheat on him tho. She knows that a man would only fuck her for bragging rights and wouldn’t allow herself to be used because none of the men listed are good choices for a partner.

  13. G, you have mentioned many times that Jigga be trying to lend Giselle out to people. In which way specifically do you mean? Like an “escort” kinda thing? Can u clarify?

  14. I remember that gif of the way Beyonce was looking at Leborn and how Jay looked at her it was so funny, she has to be tired of looking at that camel daily.

  15. Well I can see why he’d want to keep her away from Usher & Drake. Hell they’re both fuckable! Well now you’d have to be cautious when fucking Usher but shiddd broads will still let him hit.

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