September 29, 2022

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40 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beyonce Worship Service Part 1

  1. After that performance, she was trending on YouTube search for demonic symbolism in her Coachella performance lol. When my man went to look for a video on the YT app on our tv, I saw it, and I was like “u searched that?” And he was like “no those are the searches trending on YouTube.” So I’m guessing a lot of people were curious about that performance and what it could have possibly meant. But seriously the BeyHive is one of the most craziest group of fans ever, they literally find NO faults with her and defend to no end.

  2. G!!! I know you’re telling the truth when you do stories like this on Gisselle, but what I don’t understand is how could anyone deny this “truth?” Great job!!

    1. Because they cant bear to think that the person they worship can be demonic so they just laugh it off and say everyone is reaching and making stuff up

    2. Plus Beyonce has a sweet southeast belle / “country” unassuming demeanor. It’s hard for people to fathom that she can worship the devil. This isn’t Marilyn Manson we are talking about. She’s not ripping up bibles at her concerts. Also she started out as a “God fearing Christian. Also, people seem to think that just because your talented that you don’t need to worship the devil. They are more likely to believe that somebody like Rihanna worships the devil because she is deemed untalented and therefore sold her soul, slept to the top etc. But somebody like Beyonce, it’s hard for people to comprehend that she’s where she is based on things outside of her talent and drive.

  3. I watched it w/ the volume on mute just to focus on the symbolism. Nothing but symbolism from start to finish.

  4. Ok G I have questions. Forgive me if they sound stupid or far out there but imma ask.
    1. When you say she’s channeling Queen Nefertiti, would you then consider Queen Nefertiti as evil or demonic? Or is Giselle just using her?
    2. When she performed at the award show while she was pregnant and it was said she was channeling Oshun, does that make Oshun evil or demonic? Is she just using these queens and goddesses to manipulate them into an evil purpose?
    3. Why use HBCU culture as her front? Why are they using black culture as a front for their evil purpose?
    4. So do you think that Tiffany was a pawn? In terms of using her mouth to says she telling Giselle’s secrets but she’s not. Like the Biting thing, we still don’t have 100% conformation on it we just have a strong feeling who it is.
    5. These twins are about to be a year, do you think she’s hauling them for a reason? For example I have heard people pray to this saint to get pregnant and once they are pregnant they will have the baby wear only white for X amount of years. Do you think it’s like that?

    Bonus: What role does Kelly, Soloange, and Michelle play in Giselle’s ritual performance?

    Thanks y’all! Anyone can @ me on this. I’d like to really know what y’all think.

    1. 1 & 2 – she uses their envoked energy for demonic purpose but neither was evil, 3 – youth is always the target since they’re easier to manipulate, 4 – all these celebs are pawns in a much bigger game, 5 – not really sure what’s going on with them I don’t keep up with her this here is about it 🤷🏻

      1. Thanks for responding, I was wondering why black cultures not nessecearliy youth but black culture in its entirety. Idk if I’m making sense to you.

    2. Actually you are making sense…. it’s bc melanated people are the original hue-mans, which means genetically stronger on every level. We’re in a war ….. you are aware people are getting killed left & right….

      1. Glad its not just me noticing this. All the black girls going missing. Police killings…notice they are all over the world not just America and The UK. They are killing the stronger humans, the originals how else can new world order take place. Think of the film a bugs life

      2. I just wanted to make sure I understood what you meant because I’ve been saying this for months now. We have to have some kind of strength for all this to be happening. We are being deactivated.

    3. You just answered your own question for number 2 and you best to believe when you are using the queens and kings of the past, you better watch how you are channeling them. That kind of energy will fuck any person up. Now watch now, when Giselle just did that, watch everything around her. Its going to bad for her.

  5. I was waiting on this G, I knew you would come through with the truth. I never understood the hype with her, but this is way too much. Thanks for always tell us sugar babies the truth. You ain’t never lie you always on point.

    1. Pyramids are not evil tho lol The moon has different. Phases. That dark moon is how it looks when its a “New Moon”. New Moons are great for new projects & coincidentally the 1st day of Bey’s performance it was a New Moon in the zodiac sign Aries….

      1. Exactly, none of that stuff is evil. I live by the moon phases. I know there’s always talk about the use of pyramids in illuminati but I think that’s because they are powerful energy wise, and energy can be used for good/bad positive/negative. It’s all about the intention

  6. I’ve only seen pieces of it from Instagram but I refuse to watch that performance. Since I’ve been “woke” I barely listen to music or watch TV. It’s just too much now but that won’t stop me from coming to get sugar 😜

    1. Wow…you’re right.. I never tho about it but so much happens in April…didn’t Prince get killed in April?

  7. As a dancer I enjoyed her show. But I still know who my God is and I know that me watching her perform doesn’t change my faith and dedication.

  8. I hate the negative connotations of the Goat aka The Baphomet & its not “demonic” or evil as ppl deem it, Ppl take the symbols, rituals & use it for evil and set negative intentions The Baphomet represents “balance” to sum it up, but clearly the industry uses it for negative porpoises only.

    1. I don’t really know much about Baphomet. That’s not part of my belief system but I agree that there are a lot of things that are used for negative purposes that might not necessarily be negative. A lot of things hold power but are all about the intention behind them.

  9. yeah that’s weird asf i didn’t even waste my time in watching a second of that mess i figure she’ll end up playing a queen and basic dancing with props on stage to get ppl in wow mood as usual she is just overly hyped in my opinion now they trying to get it in her head that she is better than Michael Jackson and the other greats.

  10. I think you are right but I don’t believe she knows how she’s being used, what she’s wearing and what it symbolizes. I really don’t think she understands. She has all these creative people that are using her to uplift evil. I could be wrong but that’s what I think.

  11. I don’t know why people stay making excuses for her. Oh I don’t think she knows how she’s being used. I guess that’s better than she knows and doesn’t care. But y’all don’t extend thus same thinking for Rihanna, Kanye, Taylor Swift, Drake or any of these other stars. But when it comes to Giselle she gotta be a helpless victim that doesn’t know what’s going on.

    1. It’s always everyone else to blame except her. Her dad. Her mom. Her husband. The producers. The costume designers. The tour directors. And the list goes on. It’s never her tho.

  12. Stay on it with the thruth.. Y’all know half if america didnt even go to church staying up till 4am to watch het cochella performace.. I didnt cant fool me. I only seen snippets of oh in the gram and i already knew what the elites where up to #staywoke #wakethemasses boo

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