October 1, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Pr Diaries The Stories We used To Talk About On The Pr Streets

  1. Gina, sometime today you gotta address San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral holding a mass on Wednesday the 25th this coming week for Giselle.

      1. I read it that’s a little extreme… I wonder if it the same church family feud was at

    1. Apparently, you can rent out a lot of churches, this just happens to be one. It’s not usual for them to rent or anyone else. My church is a pretty big church(some wouldcall it a mega church), they rent out different parts of the campus, yes it’s huge. From the church, conference room, banquet halls, and the school. Them tithes ain’t paying them bills, lol. They have advertised commercials.

  2. Bapprincesss I live in SF and I’m so ashamed that they are having here in one of our historic churches and for what …….. smh

  3. Yeah I heard that Will wanted to stop but Jada didn’t after the kids reached a certain age and that also helped with almost breaking them apart.

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