July 4, 2022

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18 thoughts on “The Truth About What’s Going On With Mariah Carey

  1. In 2010 I met Ariana along with several other future famous artists in Panama City Beach. She sang for us. Her voice was CRAZY for such a small girl. I was 20 so she had to be around 15/16. She was dressed inconspicuous with a hat and baggy clothes. Of course we didn’t know who she was. It’s so funny the same week we met two music exces. LC and RR. Allegedly our spring break week was the same week as a secret YouTube meetup and a music convention thing. Smfh my life has been FILLED with situations like this. I just brush it off as a coincidence because I have no other explanation. Believe it or not I don’t care. Lol

      1. I don’t think you can compare black celebrities to white. Because they kill black celebrities young unlike white ones. Whitney 48. Michael 53. Prince 57. So on and so on. White celebrities live to old age like Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Madonna, Elton John, etc. I’m sure other black superstars were in it for the long haul as well and still were murdered young.

      2. they are all the same they kill white ones too if they get out of line, Thing is the white ones keep there traps closed. Dont worry Giselle wont open her mouth

    1. It’s not just the age, it’s that plus how much money is this person bringing in. Beyonce is bringing in millions of dollars…easy. They have no reason to deactivate her

  2. I agree with the post G. Just confused on how they decide your gong to be deactivated and the ones that get to stay.

  3. So they’re trying to deactivate Nicki and put cardi in her place not only because she wasn’t down to be their puppet, and “disrespected Miley, but probably also because she’s 35 now?

    1. She is 35?!? But she’s still hot though, and her stans/fans are fucking crazy for her! I think she’s gonna be a challenge for “them”…

      1. I agree, and she’s wise enough to see the writing in the wall. Cardi and Nicki are two artist, whereas, money rules all (and Atlantic tries to as well). WE HAVE TO STOP LETTING ‘OUR’ ARTISTS BE TREATED LIKE THIS! We feed into this, always putting artists against each other! It’s not right!

    2. correct all of that have something to do with it but mostly because of her age and they found someone younger to push the agenda. the Miley thing helped and Nicki is still living ” that life” don’t get me wroong

  4. Makes sense on why Nicki album has been delayed but Cardi album dropped…makes soo much sense. I think Rih and Giselle wont be deactivated tho..but Rih is only 30 she got like 5more years..Bey And Nic are both 35. But I do agree Nicki will be hard to deactivate bcuz her fan base is so strong plus ppl r peeping Atlantic’s bs and payola…alot of ppl arent w that fake shit

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