July 2, 2022

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35 thoughts on “I tell Yall No Lies This Started Years Ago

  1. Oh yeah and cardi is dumb as shit she let Atlantic use her bodak yellow song on the album when it should have been a single and never on her album she made that before she signed right

    1. Right. I will like for G to talk more about how quavo huncho try to make nicki leave nas to be with him. That why he wouldn’t stand up for her at the time. I wonder did she finally take his offer. She was with him over the weekend why.

    2. I just notice that! Maybe it will be a bonus track on the album that is out, but be a bonus addition.

  2. But she THATS MARIAH CAREY!!😭😭😭 How can they think they can replace her?? And JHud was supposed to replace Whitney??? Wtf??? Does JHud’s family murder have anything to do with those Industry wackos?

    1. Right jhud family death was so weird to me I ain’t like her after that but why tf they want to keep recycling big names why can’t they just rebrand new people tf it’s hard to replace people that put time and work in everything is rushed nowadays

    2. Hell yeah! Took out 3 deaths in one setting! Oh, she is definitely going to hell! JHud didn’t delivered like she supposed too. But, if they went with Fantasia, oh boy! Fantasia’s voice is annoited! And when you got a voice that is annoited, its hard to break that person too.

    3. Plus, when Fantasia sings, and her cousins JoJo and K-Ci said this out of their mouths at my cousins funeral in Chapel Hill, NC. They said no matter what song she sings, you can feel the anointed spirit coming from her voice that you feel chills on you! Have you shouting and praising God! They wasn’t lying either! Cause a couple of her songs had me shouting and speaking in tongues! Now, if Clive put Fantasia upfront, he won’t know how to break her because her voice is anointed and powerful.

      1. Right Fantasia got God all over her that’s why she can’t be the Beyoncé or the Cardi B status. When she sings demons flee 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. Good question! It could have been Amerie, but Giselle blacklisted her because Amerie was signed to Columbia Records like Giselle. Amerie, in my opinion, is a better vocal and a better performer than Giselle. She got a set of pipes on her. Plus, her looks are very exotic too. Afro-Asian to be exact.

      1. yes amerie got ran out of the business by giselle and thats what ppl never seem to take into consideration when they are praising her

      2. I love this blog so did y’all see on the news that they’re saying someone may be accountable for princes death.

      3. I was thinking maybe the girl normani from fifth harmony because she did a Beyoncé song on the show I forgot what but a lot of people were saying she did great or I was thinking the girl that won the show Diddy and dj khaled was judges of to replace Giselle

      4. Disagree with skill level. I saw Destiny’s child on their reunion and amerie opened and she sounded HORRIBLE. I think she’s prettier than Bey though.

    1. GUUUUUUURL ME TOOOOOOO!!!!!! I was flipping out like G WEA U AAAAAAAAT????? girl I was playing thinking HOW IMMA GET TO HER? WTF GOING ON? then I seen it was back up I was so relieved lol

  3. Damn the rabbit hole goes deep…soooo are the Kardashian’s getting deactivated? Seems like the stunts are repetitive at this point…

  4. Sis what is going on with the site? Couldn’t log in for a few hours. Thought the powers that be got you. Glad it’s back.

  5. Its so crazy G cause IT ALL MAKES TOTAL SENSE NOW! I kept thinking like DAMN HOW DID MARIAH FALL OFF SO QUICKLY????? so harshly??? Like, I WAS SEEING EVERYWHERE HOW she messing up her singing on stage n all that… Like all kinds of horrible stories that leave me saying “Nahhhhhh NOT MARIAH” n now…m you cleared it all up for me G. YOURE THE FUCKN TRUTH! i swear I’m seeing that more n more! You spit straight fuckn FACTS 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  6. Why don’t they financially plan for the deactivation?!? If I’m due for early retirement and made a shit load on money imma invest a lot of money elsewhere and prepare another means of income when I realize they’re trynna stop my shine!

    1. They probably think they have longevity in the industry or the “next” album will be their last & it will set them up financially. But it’s usually too late. Plus they are so deep into a certain lifestyle, if they cut back then you have people speculating about financial problems.

    2. I was wondering the same thing. Are they so vain as to think it’s going to last forever? Not in that business. Man after all that hell, I’d be stacking. With all the money she’s made, she can live a nice comfortable life.

  7. I hate how no one has the chance to bow out gracefully and still have there dignity . Naturally fresher faces come they go . It’s just the evil living under the surface to defame and shame anyone out of careers that they’ve worked so hard for .

  8. In speaking of Ariana and the news of her new song its becoming quite clear why Manchester had to happen……these people are evil and so is she.

    1. I just saw a promo pic of her for new music… with a rainbow over her eye… I immediately thought “poor Mariah”

  9. The same thing happened to Diana Ross, Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin etc NOBODY felt sorry for them because back in the day it’s realistic that you sit down. This millennial of celebrities act all but hurt when the cycle of life HAS to continue. Another thing that pisses me off is the older generation let these celebs shine. Mariah, Nicki, Giselle all constantly make bitches show them homeage to the point of worship and that’s why the new generation is “hating/disrespectful” because I’m not go keep kissing your ass. Everyone deserves a chance.

  10. I just heard Ariana’s new song….I read people cried from her song at the listening party I’m so confused as to why

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