July 2, 2022

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13 thoughts on “The Real Truth Behind The Relationship Between Michael Jackson and Diana Ross PT 3

  1. Sounds like he was her boy toy whom she could manipulate & control. She probably loved him though…sad she didn’t attend his funeral.

  2. I don’t understand how celebs don’t attend funerals of their “very close” celeb “friends”!?! Like what in the world is stopping you? Surely not traveling expenses. Like how Aretha didn’t attend Whitney’s. As a huge Whitney fan, I was completely shocked, appalled, & disgusted. #shadyfriends

  3. I think that problem is that no one kicked Diana’s ass one good time. Would have straightened her the fuck out. Damn shame she used Micheal like that. And what is this hidden tea about Micheal and Whitney? I didn’t know they ever dated.

    1. That’s the problem she did get her ass kicked. She was messing with some artist back in the Motown days and the wife pulled up and kicked her ass. Americas sweetheart was standing there in her slip because her dress was torn. Diana is just a vile person she never love Michael. Just a energy blood sucker.

  4. Wow, I am speechless and mike knows that song was for her lmaoooo. I’m glad you put out this story being a 80/90s baby I loved Michael but was confused on how the media

  5. Ok, why am I turned on by Michael even more now, he knows this song was about Ms Ross😂😂 Yes Michael😚😚talk dirty to me😍😍😍😍 G you are officially my favorite Blogger..OG Big Gee..

  6. I think she didn’t attend his funeral because she couldn’t grieve for her lover. She would only be able to grieve as a friend. Idk if that’s selfish or heartbreaking

  7. G, I freaked out!! I couldn’t get to the site! I thought the worse. So glad to see more tea! Lol.

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