September 29, 2022

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8 thoughts on “The Real Reason Charlamange Hates Nicki Minaj

  1. I seriously thought it was awfully strange how he jumps ships when it comes to people who are losing verses when they’re winning. Tyrese case in point that was his brother but now he digs and disses on poor Tyrese out at every turn. He’s definitely one you have to watch in the industry. I’ve been an avid breakfast club listener but after noticing how he uses his rudeness as realness and now seeing that he isn’t solid makes me question that realness camouflaged as rudeness.

  2. I just watched this lil kim interview today. Charlamagne only looks out for charlamagne he did do lil kim how he’s doing Nicki now. My thing is you can’t erase someone’s work just because they get older. I love lil kim and Nicki and it’s messed up they’ll make a woman rappers work like seem like it’s not any good. They do not to this to males at all.

  3. I will like to know why the rapper nba youngboy write a song about Nicki Minaj. Yes the name of the song is Nicki Minaj. He drop this song the day after Nicki drop her 2 songs. He with the ATL label too. What are they planning. Its not a bad song i just wonder why?

    1. He said that he witnessed how Nicki Minaj held down Meek Mills and was inspired by how she was as a woman towards him in their relationship…I believe the song talks about him wanting a Great girl by his side that’s why he named it Nicki Minaj, shes his Girlfriend Goals……Haven’t heard the song but I will soon

  4. I started to really dislike them after they did that to her. I listened to it live. She was very mad because she’s from New York she always showed them love but never even watched the video or played the song or did any research. Sad.

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