September 29, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Nicki Explains What Really Happen With The Motorsport Situation

  1. ok so what was in NM verse that got Cardi upset initially & made her feel like NM was throwing shots. I remember G’s blog post where NM said something about being #1 and Cardi #2…but Nicki is acting like she did nothing wrong? Why she so hurt though?

      1. Cardi seems slow…she probably didn’t even realize the lyric was a compliment..

    1. That was a lie. She did not say any of that. The original verse came out, go listen to it. All she did is replace Cardi’s name with Quavo’s.

    2. If you go to Hollywoodunlocked IG Nicki never even said that line she did the line “if quevo the QB…” but with cardi not quevo and Atlantic told Nicki to take cardi name off per cardi request. Idk cardi is looking like the #1 hater but the #nickihatetrain is still full steam ahead which is sad 😞

  2. At this point they BOTH getting on my damn nerves. Stop pretending like u fuck with somebody when u clearly DONT. Cardi need to stop acting like it’s the media fault they don’t like each other and nicki need to stop with that fake hurt bullshit, u don’t like her oh well say that shit and keep it pushing

  3. G, fame whoever posted screenshots of Cardi saying she was going to be Nicki up…the screenshots look fake but you did mention an argument.

  4. Ok That’s cut n everything but can we have some sugar about the Tristan Thompson situation ?

      1. Why you doing us like this 😩 I’m so used to you posting then reading a my mind confuzzled tryna piece this ish together…#helpusG

  5. Wow G from all the shit you been putting us on game all the way to THIS….. I feel for Nicki n now more than ever I truly believe ALL THIS IS TO KILL NICKI STATUS…. I’m already seeing articles bout her FLOPPING but then I do see some of us are still fucking with nicki so that makes me happy.

    Honestly, before cardi b even blew up I was one of the ppl like “omg I’m tired of Nicki now we need someone new” but now that AAAAAAALL THIS SHIT done happened n really played out n HOW…… IT ALL IS BEING PLAYED OUT…. i have to say….. I LOOOOOOOOVE ME SOME CARDI B as a person her personality n SOME of her songs but with this battle I stand FIRM AS FUCK…..

    IM TEAM NICKI until further notice. Ly

  6. Nicki is a great actress! Not falling for the theatrics because she just made herself look bad and got people talking more about Cardi if anything

    1. I just feel like if it was okay to deactivate Kim’s brand, why not nickis? Fuck her, karma for that as! Kim was in the game for at least 15 yrs before her brand started to deactivate. It’s
      Nickis karma because she was okay with it.

  7. I’ve never been a big NM fan BUT after all the Atlantic drama and Cardi being forced on us from all directions- I really hope Nikki will “win”. She should drop a final album and win/lose retire from rap and focus on other ventures. She should still do features here and there bc clearly rap is her passion but let the gimmicks have it. They won’t have anymore to clone or look up to/ imitate when she’s gone. OAN- America has a reality clown as our president, it makes sense to have one taking over female rap.

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