July 6, 2022

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59 thoughts on “The Truth About Obama’s Angels Part 3

      1. That’s what I’m saying. I’m confused as to Rih being a Presidential Model to Obama. I don’t recall her being at the White House except for when she was in that African inspired dress in like 2015. Obama wasn’t there tho.

        Gina can you expand on Kerry, Beyonce, and Giselle. I believe the lending out Giselle part because it’s been speculated in those any truth to the rumors threads on LSA.

  1. You could tell Giselle was being loned out to him. She looked happier to be around him than her husband. I knew what the deal was when she sung “At Last” at his first inauguration wearing that dress were you can clearly see her areolas. They knew exactly what they were doing.

    1. Ooh..now it makes sense cause BG has his name on speed dial …wrong guess frm yesterday. Should’ve known…

  2. G you got me over here like biiiiiiiiisssshhhh 🤯. Lord my nosy ass following with no problem 😩 lol

  3. So I’m thinking the three Angels are Julia Roberts (?), Kerry Washington and for sure Scarlett Johansson. Valencia may or may not be Beyoncé seems pretty solid that it may though.. Brielle is Rihanna and Olga I honestly have no clue only because Olga’s occupation was never really clarified is she a singer/ music star? Is she a part of the political world? What’s her nationality? Can’t wait for a Part 4. 🤓

    1. Recently the dj Sophia body said that Beyoncé slept her way to the top but Giselle and bey was too obvious no wonder they go to them fancy functions to discuss bness

  4. Wow wow wow ……. I couldn’t be in the entertainment world……and Jay just passing her out like food stamps….. I wonder what would happen if Giselle fell in with one of them I mean really ……and left her husband cause sometimes she looks like she can’t stand him

  5. It’s crazy because when you Google these actresses and Obama the allegations pop up but we never paid it any attention back than.

  6. so can you elaborate. were these women having sex with him or he just wanted them around. i’m so naive but i actually believe all of this

  7. I believe all of this. I’m sooo here for this sugar. I love me some BO but I know dam well he ain’t no saint. He a Leo too 😳. I’m married to a Leo, birthday is 8/1. Been married to him for 13 years been together for 19, so I know what it do.

  8. So are the presidents only allowed to stray or can the wife do so as well. Also, can you please put to rest as to whether or not Michelle is male or female, and if the girls are their bio kids. Emoji if you can’t answer

    1. Michelle is a female and those are their biological children. Sasha looks just like her dad and Malia looks just like Michelle. She has the same head shape and everything.

      1. I completely agree with you on that. Haven’t been to church in over a decade lmaoo

  9. I was wondering when Giselle’s name was going to drop. I am shocked about Rihanna tho but don’t put it past her. Thank u!!!

    1. Giselle always looked smittened by him but she appears to love Michelle too. I’m confused. I need real names!

  10. Lawd this isnt tea, it’s hennessy. I can believe all of it, Pres Obama was smoother than baby hair! Lol.

  11. Yall thought the Monica Lewinsky all on my gown reference in Partition was about Jay lol.
    That could’ve been about the presidential limo.

    These people hide this stuff in plain sight. Dont forget in their song Upgrade U, Giselle says “Take me just to compliment the deal”.

    She “sweetens” deals for JayZ

  12. Anyone ever see the skit on SNL where KW plays Michelle, Oprah, and ‘Giselle’ talking with B.O. ?

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