July 2, 2022

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94 thoughts on “Coming Up The Truth Behind Obama’s Angels

  1. This don’t have anything to do with Obama’s angels but is that girl Tristan was with paid to be with him cuz she look like she was on a mission and on to the next in those videos not saying he’s not capable of anything but after learning more about the industry from you I just question everything now with these celebrities

      1. Yes and then here come his bm the message was a nice gesture but idk and in one video the girl was holding the hell out his face when she was kissing him lol

  2. so i think i’ve checked this page at least 20 times since yesterday to see if this tea dropped. i am so anxious for this one

  3. Unrelated topic but did Nicki purposefully release her new album before April 15?! Isn’t this the devil worshippers favorite time of the year….. cause Ive heard that. And that alot of their sacrifices will happen during this time

  4. I suspected O was a cheat because of that black woman with the baby who got shot outside the WH. Always thought that story was suspect the way it was covered up so quick. Truly some Scandal shit.

    I am going to take a guess and say that Giselle, Eva Longoria, and Kerry Washington are three of those angels.

  5. G,

    I hope all is well w/you; I’ve been back & forth all day trying to fill my cup lol!

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