October 1, 2022

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24 thoughts on “P.S.A Disrespect

  1. Maybe she wanted to post something else like the video versus the pic 🤷🏽‍♀️. My thing is just because people don’t post anything on social media, doesn’t mean they are not supportive. However, disrespect should not be tolerated.

    1. You bitchs make like you want the truth, but you get mad when she tell the true. You fucks are still sleep. Wake the fuck up or shut up. Logoff and stay off this blog.

  2. The point is Remy ma is fake thats it. Why would anyone trust anything she say. She fake friends with Azealia Banks and talk about Nicki with her. And Azealia expose has ass. She’s not a true friend. She post something because they made her do it. Every body have to say something good. This is a fake ass industry. If y’all can’t take the truth than get the fuck off this blog. Be gone. Stay sleep and move on.

  3. We want some recent tea the whole situation with cardi we knew because you told us and we let it play out. Those fans of some of these people just over do it but just do what you have to do, no need to explain to these dunts.

    1. And I’m not a big Nicki fan but I like a lot of her music and her albums are good I was listening to pink print and said I’m ready for her.

  4. yes All negativity… I was told to “dismissed myself” after jokingly suggesting to continue with other stories.. didn’t bother responding. It seems like they are waiting for you to fail or fuck up

  5. But why we gotta suffer for one person, or even a few? I’m not friends with this person, and I know I followed you here for what they were trying to stop on ig. Pls reconsider the stopping of recent tea. Let not a few stop you from doing what you do, and ultimately stop you from giving the truth. Set ground rules when new ppl come on board, and delete them if they break the rules. Pls reconsider stopping recent tea. Thanks

  6. Noooooo G, please keep giving us current tea! I think the ones making those comments are probably trolls from other blogs

  7. Gina, we all enjoy and appreciate the current as well as past tea. You know there’s always a few ppl trying to fuck it up for us all. Don’t let them. Just check that ass and delete if necessary. I’ll send their dollar back to them! That’s their intention to fuck this blog up….bitch it ain’t going down like that….no ma’am!

  8. Gina don’t stop the current tea because of idiots just remove them and give them their dollar back!!!!

  9. Dang… I don’t know why people can’t agree to disagree without all the name calling. This is a mess. I am also glad we are moving on from the Nikki/Remy/Cardi storyline.. it’s beginning to sound like a bad reality show..🤣🤣🤣🤣 G has spoken her peace on all of them and told us the situation ahead of time. It is what it is. I read what that K Beauty person responded with and it was whack. Keep doing you G and bringing these good industry stories.

  10. Listen, you’ve been around long enough to know that Haters are everywhere. People, are going to talk rather you’re God or…. Stop letting the negativity get to you and do what you do best and Spill the Tea.
    Have your Admins read the responses and let them start deleting people. You should have a Buffer or a Pik (basketball term) to go in a keep the comments that they think that you would read…. Flag these People and keep the Grin Going, G.

  11. We need our tea G. But I understand from your POV, it does get tiring trying to do something without all the skeptics and negativity. Guess it comes with the territory. We’ve been giving a keyboard and think an opinion is always warranted.

  12. G, don’t pay them no mind! Continue doing you. Your loyal readers knows how much work you put into these stories.

  13. Forget them babe ur so transparent and spot on. People like drama. You are always right so they should chill or dip. You tell the truth straight 💯 and don’t have to deal with people who are willfully oblivious, ignorant, and rude.

  14. Gina has always said she doesn’t like recent tea. That’s Jayde thing. Go to J page for recent and here for G stuff. Both are good!

  15. Man I can’t leave to work on my research paper without coming back to some mess. Damnnnn some ppl know how to ruin a good thing. Chile these “super” fans are something else. Gahlee! Much Respect G

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