July 2, 2022

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44 thoughts on “Remy Succumbs To Social Media Pressure & Post Congrats To Cardi B Then Deletes It

  1. G you been right on this Whole situation involving Remy Ma Nicki Minaj and Cardi Bum.The fact that Damn Near the whole Industry is showing their Fake Support for this Industry Puppet Clown Bitch is crazy! I mean from Oprah to Ellen from 50 Cent to Erykah Badu. This shit is sickening. It’s almost like they all got emails saying you better post something on your Twitter or IG congratulating Cardi B or it’s going to be a problem. They are pushing this Raggedy HoodRat Bitch to be big as Nicki Minaj but with a baby .Punch from TDE needs to get his pussy kicked in for the Blasphemous Disrespect to Tupac Shakur. How in the Fuck can you compare this Raggedy Wig Wearing No Musical Talent having Clown Bitch to the Greatest to ever do it??? G you’ve been saying this for over a year on how they were about to Replace Nicki Assdrop with this trash version of her and the Fans didn’t see it but now they do! I give you your Properz again on being the Source on this Industry Bullshit.I know this Cardi Bum Bullshit have you just drained.Can we see more stories that has nothing to do with the New Illuminati Queen?

  2. i guess ppl missed that tweet from Quavo a wk or so ago calling Motorsport “the modern day Roxanne vs Sparky D”

  3. Yes let this be the last Caqrdi B story. I am beyond over it. Let’s get back to the regular schedule program of new stories/topics pleasee lol

    1. If ubdont like the content then dismiss urself tf be grateful she posts anya tea at all fucking swine

      1. You should’ve done your own research to verify before jumping the gun 🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. Y’all better leave Gina alone. She stays with the tea. If you want all your stories verified and deeply researched pay for a subscription to the New York Times or Wall Street Journal and shut the fuck up.

      1. So we’re bothering her because we asked for something to be verified before she posts it. Which she prides herself on doing. I’m confused.

      2. Shut tha fuck up, you sound stupid, like I said she should’ve made sure it was true before posting false information. Isn’t “tea” supposed to be accurate? Stupid!

      3. First off She did delete it and then changed i to a video and reposted it. Who are you with your no profile?

  4. Could someone please wake me up when this show is over😂😂 Am I the only one that miss old school hip hop😂

  5. That’s too much.. comparing Cardi B to Tupac. Wow people are so pressed and dillusional to give the woman that kind of comparsion. This is embrassing for hip hop as a whole as you stated G. Can’t she be in her own lane? A lane by the that is not close to what Tupac did.

    1. i have not heard that they were comparing her to tupac. thats a damn shame, the performance on snl the lil bit i did hear was horrible, her cd cover is almost copying Nikki

  6. I love this blog but perhaps you should do some research before posting FALSE INFORMATION. For one the post on Remys page is STILL up 🙄. For two remy doesn’t have to congratulate cardi on social media. They’re friends in real life. Remy already addressed this. She CALLED cardi to congratulate her on the album, which holds more value than some weak ass Instagram/Twitter post. These stans need to understand Everything doesn’t have to be done through social media. You clearly don’t have any REAL TEA so you decide to post stupid, irrelevant stuff like this? You know what…………….😒🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. She had deleted it because at first it was a picture she then changed it to a video.

  7. I don’t follow her. Maybe she posted it, deleted it, got a call, and posted it again real quick? I don’t feel anything for her, Ms. “Are You Dumb” is the dumbest of them all.

  8. I was soooooo happy that Rihanna wasn’t apart of this push party they having for Cardi , then boom she post something too 🤮🤮🤮

  9. man ppl on ig been commenting back at me about her. man they just eating this shit up i cant with this. now she showing her belly girl we already knew it, to me it feels like she lied bc they been asking her are u pregnant she say no, we see you getting fat, then when ya cd drop u wanna say i am pregnant . its like she trying her best to stay on top but she knows once Nikki come out she is done. Thank you G………

  10. I love this page but it stans for Nicki way too much like I don’t understand why can’t anyone else be on top except for Nicki? So you telling me that from now on anybody who comes after Nicki is just a pawn, like no one else can legit be successful unless it’s nicki? Like when will this stop ? Gina why does it seems like you are against Cardi? Has she ever done anything personal to you? If not that’s unfortunate cause all you’ve done is downplay her success with no valid reason in doing so except for your blatant love and loyalty to Nicki.

    1. Yes, yes, and yes!! They both can be on top.. even tho it’s very clear they want Nicki gone but this page is very biased. It’s not Cardi fault they comparing her to Tupac😭 she just living, ain’t hurt a soul. Smh

  11. That Tupac comparison is a long reach around the world 1000 times, whoever said that needs to be smack a billion times. As for Remy she just bitter and been looking like one of Sony puppets and what 50 cent song a “Wangsta”.

  12. G has chronicled what has obviously come to pass with the Nikki vs Cardi drama. However, after reading through these comments, people have mentioned how biased G is towards Cardi. I am confounded as to how she is biased when she has given her likes and dislikes regarding them both. Regardless of how you perceive her to feel, let’s not forget that she foretold all that has happen. Doesn’t that mean something? Pick your battles people.

    1. If you’ve been following this blog since Instagram you should know good and well she has been way more negative toward Cardi than Nicki. It almost started to feel as if she had a personal issue with Cardi. Wasn’t till recently when she was called out on how negative she is toward Cardi that she started to try to be a bit more critical of Nicki, so as I said, she is biased and it is painfully clear.

  13. Thank God you are finally going to stop posting about Cardi. I was getting tired of it, for months now all this talk of Cardi I wish you would post about other ppl. Women in hip hop come and goes and Cardi is no different. I like Cardi because of her little feisty attitude but I am tired of reading about her we get it Atlantic set everything up. Now I need more tea on other ppl. No I am not bitter just tired.

  14. Apparently Nicki did a post and delete on Twitter today it was the number “4”. G do you know what that’s about?

  15. Y’all are dumb if you think that tweet comparing her to 2pac was serious lmao; they been trolling and putting Cardi’s face on Jesus and Mary’s bodies since before bodak yellow. This is why it’s not fun anymore to have social media because people are so extra sensitive and take things typed over phones and computers as real shit. We all know Cardi isn’t 2pac so why is being taken as a true statement or even believable.

  16. I always say, you r the truth! EVERYTHING U have said about CardiB has been right on the money. Your stories are truth telling and all need to respect it!

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