August 18, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Cardi B’s Album: The Aftermath and How They Turned it into Trash Nicki Day

  1. Oh another thing that hurt Nicki was never speaking on the situation with her brother, she could’ve fronted and disowned him publicly or even publicly apologize to that little girl!!! She’s really in a dark space, i watched her old interviews and she was ALWAYS smiling. I wander how her label gonna market her?

    1. and tell me why would she have to do that? I mean to come out and do what? hold a press conference? Hey, guys umm my brother is up for child molestation i will answer all questions? no who else does that?

  2. Cardi talks about her pussy how good she is and everyone says that’s all Nicki raps about. Cardi album is good I said but for this day and age. She has good beats but she raps about nothing really. Things to me that mean nothing but too an 18 year old girl it’s everything. They couldn’t wait to rub it in that her album went gold in a few hours but don’t mention that it’s because bodak yellow and Cartier bardi was out before then.🤷

  3. Cardi better enjoy all of this because once the next chick comes along and deactivate her
    Its gonna be a sad sight.

  4. It seems Atlantic Records has a history of replacing female rappers for the next big thing…. M.C. Lyte replaced by Lil Kim….Kim being replaced by Nicki Minaj….now Nicki is given the boot to make room for Cardi B. who may either be replaced by a younger edgier female or she may be cemented as The Queen of Rap for this era. (Trina was signed to Atlantic…but she wasn’t selling platinum like Kim.)

  5. Did u see that Oprah reported that she listened and approved Cardis album? Is this all apart of the plan?

  6. The push to make sure that Cardi is on the throne and Nikki isn’t is NEXT LEVEL. Yesterday I got a NY Times alert referencing her album. The *NY TIMES* 😑. Then Oprah (Oprah is clearly high up in the Elites), now today I see the punk rock group Green Day co-signing her album?! It’s like everyone that’s a part of the industry was told SUPPORT AND PUSH CARDI. And they are doing it. There’s one thing that I think that Nikki has that Cardi will never have, because the Elites want complete control, and that is money and independence. They will never allow a female rap artist to make it the same way that Nikki made it. Nikki will be the last.

  7. G i have been telling mu husband about your blog for a few months now.. hahah i think he wanna be a member now 😂😂😂 everything u said happened, & we speak about music amd the industry all the time…

  8. Everybody and their mama is posting Cardi on IG. I mean I like both and I want them both to win but I definitely see what’s going on here. All I’ll say is Cardi better enjoy it & plan accordingly because nothing lasts forever. At least Nicki should be set for life if she spends wisely. This is a cold cruel world & the entertainment world is even colder. You either play the game or get played. Damn!

  9. What if she is not pregnant…. what if this is just PR just for attention then milking it by not talking about it and the outfits..What if its like beyonce and the deflated stomach?? But if she is…. why now??

  10. Sadly, this is so true that black females look up to this type of behavior and cosign everything Cardi B does. I’ve heard the album, it isn’t that great and don’t attack me saying I’m a Nicki fan because I’m not. I knew something was up when Iggy came out because they just kept pushing her on the black community with her fake ass accent.

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